Are you traveling to Australia? Take advantage of these tips

Are you planning to visit Australia? The country of wallabies is famous around the world for being one of the best tourist destinations, so keep your Australian visa to visit the largest country on the oceanic continent and get ready to enjoy one of the best experiences a tourist can find, especially if you are a lover of natural landscapes.

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  • Australia visa: essential for traveling
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  • Times are important to your visit
  • Prepare for the language
  • Take a universal charger with you
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    And also a SIM with internet

  • Be aware of the diversity of animals and their dangers
  • Protect yourself from the sun

Australia visa: essential for traveling

To enter the country you need a visa. Australia has very strict policies (especially regarding customs) and it is essential to have a tourist visa to access the country. Where can you get this visa? You can apply for a visa at the Australian embassy in your country. However, it is not necessary to present yourself in person, you can also submit the visa application for Australia online, from the comfort of your home. It is totally free if it is done from Spain and it does not take a long time. Of course, if you plan to apply for a visa, it is important to do so in advance of the trip in case any documentation is missing or you have to make a statement..

Plan your trips within the country

Australia is great. Very big. It is the sixth largest country in the world and a coast-to-coast flight takes almost 6 hours. Traveling the country by car can take more than 3 days. Due to the large area of ​​the country it is very important to plan the visit, and visiting certain cities may be impossible depending on the time available. The fastest way to travel will always be by plane, although the method you use will depend on how you want to experience your visit to Australia. In the event that you prefer to move by car, do not forget apply for the international driving license of your country. By the way, in Australia you drive on the left, keep that in mind!!

Times are important in your visit

In some parts of the world, on vacation, you get used to waking up late, but you have to take into account the schedules of the country you are visiting. In Australia it dawns early, and for that reason life adapts to those hours of light. You especially have to be careful with meal times if you want to go to restaurants, as the kitchens close early. In the same way, most museums, monuments and other places of tourist interest usually close at 5 in the afternoon..

Prepare for the language

English is the official language of Australia, but as is the case in many English-speaking countries, the accent can be very different from what you may have heard elsewhere. And is that the Australian accent is much more closed than Europeans may be used to. It does not hurt to listen to some videos or audios of Australians to adapt to the ear. It goes without saying that if you do not know the language, it is best to learn some fundamental phrases to be able to move around the country, such as saying thank you, ordering coffee and many others that can be found in any travel guide.

Take a universal charger with you

Living without a mobile is not impossible, but today so many things are carried on it (schedules, information, electronic tickets, credit or debit card and a long etcetera) that it is almost essential. Having it charged is essential to be able to use it for that reason before embarking on a trip make sure you have a universal charger, since the connections are not the same as those used here.


And also a SIM with internet

Continuing with the topic of mobile phones, it is also very important to have a SIM card that has a good data package to be able to use it on a day-to-day basis, either during the trip or in the cities you visit. WiFi in Australia can be almost a miracle, and it is not free everywhere, and sometimes the network can be very bad. Having a card with a data package can be a savior.

You can get a card both in Australia and before traveling, buying it and activating it just when you arrive in the country. The important thing is to make sure that you make use of the Telstra network, which is the one that offers the best coverage, especially in the most remote places. Of course, do not think that by having this network on your SIM card you will have internet access throughout the country. There are many places in Australia where there is no coverage.

Be aware of the diversity of animals and their dangers

Everyone knows that Australia is home to kangaroos. It is the most famous animal in the country. However, in Australia there are many other fascinating animals, in addition to many with which you have to be especially careful. In addition to the fact that kangaroos themselves can be dangerous if you get too close to them, there are crocodiles and sharks that can be found on some beaches, so you have to be very careful.

Spiders and tarantulas can give anyone more than one scare, and there are hundreds of species in the country, in addition to some quite poisonous. And speaking of venom, you can also see a host of incredibly deadly snakes, including the taipan, the deadliest snake. The Irukandji jellyfish is also an animal to take into account, and that is that a sting can kill an adult man. Fortunately, in the case of jellyfish, many beaches have barriers installed to prevent them from accessing the bathing area..

Protect yourself from the sun

The dangers of wildlife in Australia are many and very diverse, however there is an enemy that many people do not take into account: the sun. Australia is practically below the hole in the ozone layer, which has led the country to rank first in skin cancer cases. Protecting yourself from the sun is not an option, it is something you have to do. Don't skimp on sun protection or it could cost you dearly.

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