Advantages of having a Siberian husky

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The Siberian Husky it is possessed of an imposing beauty, with its striking blue eyes and its appearance that resembles wolves. But like all breeds, adopting a Siberian husky has its pros or cons, or its advantages and disadvantages.

Logically, for us dog lovers, adopting a dog is a synonym of pure joy, regardless of its breed, sex, age or color. However, it is always important to emphasize that giving a dog a dignified life also presupposes responsibilities, a certain financial solvency and availability of time..

When we speak of "disadvantages ", in reality, we refer to the aspects that can make the breeding of a certain breed more difficult, either by requiring more detailed maintenance that requires a lot of time from its tutor, by needing ample space for live comfortably, to maintain a more fragile health, or to require a special diet or more specific care that implies higher expenses.

In this AnimalWised article we want to talk to you about the advantages of owning a Siberian husky and some disadvantages that can make it difficult to keep them, so that you know everything about one of the most popular Russian dog breeds in the world.

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  1. Advantages of adopting a Siberian husky
  2. The husky is one of the healthiest dogs
  3. Can adapt to different climates
  4. They are very talkative
  5. The husky stands out for having a very special personality
  6. Huskies can be excellent companions for children
  7. Disadvantages of adopting a Siberian husky
  8. The Siberian husky needs a good dose of daily physical activity
  9. His beautiful coat requires maintenance
  10. The husky is known as a walking dog
  11. Huskies are not dogs to be alone
  12. Your education requires knowledge, patience and perseverance

Advantages of adopting a Siberian husky

In this first section, we will talk about advantages of owning a Siberian husky, that is, on those positive characteristics that give us an idea of ​​why it is among the most popular breeds in the world. Let's look at the benefits of having a Siberian husky:

1. The husky is one of the healthiest dogs

Although their life expectancy is not so high (between 10 and 13 years), the "huskies " have a remarkable physical resistance and excellent health. Compared to other breeds of its size, the Siberian husky has a low predisposition to develop most hereditary diseases, thus becoming one of the healthiest dogs.

Of course, there are also some common diseases in the Siberian husky. To prevent them, it is essential to provide essential care and adequate preventive medicine to your best friend.

2. It can adapt to different climates

As its name suggests, the Siberian husky is originally from one of the colder regions of Russia: Siberia. His body is prepared to withstand the harsh Russian winters and his beautiful coat is a clear demonstration of this. Also, these dogs they love snow, so they greatly enjoy playing in it.

However, one of the curiosities about the Siberian husky is that can adapt to different climates and environments. Temperatures in his native Siberia vary dramatically, so his body must adapt to these climatic variations and his coat experiences two changes a year. For this reason, the Siberian husky is one of the few Nordic dogs that can adapt to temperate and warm regions..

This is in stark contrast to other Nordic breeds, such as the Alaskan malamute, which suffers greatly if we keep it in a warm or tropical climate..

3. They are very talkative

Another advantage of adopting a Siberian husky is that you will gain a very chatty friend. This breed of dog is known to have a vocalization ability special. As we have already explained in other AnimalWised articles, dogs are capable of assimilating around 100 words.

But in addition to this, the husky stands out for having a special ability to emit a great variety of sounds. So much so that many tutors claim that their "huskies" can sing or have long conversations with them. It is also worth highlighting its mighty howl, whose sound can be heard from about 15 kilometers away.

4. The husky stands out for having a very special personality

The Siberian husky is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, so its temperament is somewhat Independent. We must not forget that, in a land with such adverse conditions as Siberia, only the strongest and most prepared specimens managed to survive..

However, huskies are unique because of their special personality. In their family nucleus, they are extremely loyal, loving and docile, being able to adapt to different types of people and families. In addition, they are usually quite social and, if they undergo a proper socialization process, they can get along very well with other dogs and animals..

5. Huskies can be excellent companions for children.

Historically, the Siberian husky has accompanied the nomadic Chukchi tribes, who used to migrate from Northeast Asia to the far North of Russia. In addition to helping the men on hunting days, the huskies used to stay with the women and children to protect them from possible attacks by predators..

For this reason, the Siberian husky highlights a great protective sense in relation to his family and especially the children. Logically, like any dog, your husky must be properly educated before playing with the little ones. In addition, it is essential to teach children to respect dogs, understanding them as living and sensitive beings and not as toys..

With proper precautions and training, huskies can become excellent friends for children, stimulating their physical and mental development.

Disadvantages of adopting a Siberian husky

In this second part of our article on the advantages and disadvantages of the Siberian husky, We will talk about the characteristics of this Russian canine breed that most demand the attention and care of their guardians in their upbringing, to preserve their good health and their balanced behavior.

1. The Siberian husky needs a good dose of daily physical activity

The Siberian husky is a dog very active that you need to do a good amount of exercise daily to use energy, maintain a healthy weight, and maintain a balanced behavior. He is also a fun dog that will not hesitate to accompany us on our travels and adventures..

¿And why would this be one of the disadvantages of the Siberian husky? Actually, this is a responsibility to consider before adopting a husky. We must be aware that we will need to walk with the dog at least 3 times a day, in addition to considering starting it in dog sports such as agility or the mushing.

2. His beautiful coat requires maintenance

For those who do not have much time, the abundant coat can end up being one of the disadvantages of the Siberian husky. For excellent maintenance and to avoid dead hairs, it is recommended brush their fur daily, always using a card brush.

In addition, we must emphasize that the shedding of the Sierian husky occurs twice a year. In these periods the dog will lose a little more hair than usual, so it may be necessary to brush twice a day. However, this loss should not be excessive and if you notice that your husky loses a lot of hair, we advise you to take it to the vet.

3. The husky is known as a walking dog

Huskies are known as "walking dogs ", and they can walk for hours and hours, exploring new stimuli around them. As they are naturally curious, active, and social, they may be "tempted" to escape to stimulate their senses and interact with other individuals.

Therefore, it is very important that you place a microchip and put an identification plate on your best friend. In addition, in Animal Expert We give you some tips to prevent your dog from escaping.

4. Huskies are not dogs to be alone

While independence is an important trait of their temperament, huskies are not dogs that adapt well to loneliness. As we have mentioned, the Siberian husky used to protect women and children, spending long hours in the company of humans.

Therefore, they adapt optimally to the family routine and they love it enjoy the company of their tutors, so they demand attention and time from their owners. Consequently, they are not suitable dogs for those who spend long hours away from home or are looking for more independent dogs.

5. Your education requires knowledge, patience and perseverance

Although they are dogs smart and sensitive, we must arm ourselves with patience when training a Siberian husky. Due to his strong and stubborn personality, this dog can appear somewhat "stubborn" at the time of learning. However, huskies respond very well to positive education, that is, when we use positive reinforcement to stimulate their skills and reward their efforts..

If you are thinking about or have decided to adopt a Siberian husky, we recommend that you study a little about the body language of dogs and know the basic commands of canine obedience. This knowledge will be key when it comes to educate your best friend and strengthen a bond based on respect and mutual trust.

To help you, at AnimalWised, we summarize 5 training tricks that every owner should know. Also, remember that the education of a dog requires perseverance and patience; your best friend will need your dedication and affection to reveal their full potential.

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