Advantages of adopting a puppy cat

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When we talk about adopting a pet we are presented with many questions, including a cat or dog, large or small, they are some of the simplest questions to answer to those who come to consult so that, as veterinarians, we can help them in the correct choice for family.

At AnimalWised we want to help you with this uncertainty and thus be able to adopt with complete peace of mind. There are certain advantages of adopting a puppy cat, especially in a family with children as they will enjoy it more and learn at the same time.

We will also see the differences with an adult cat and we will reach interesting conclusions both for those who are already in the cat world and those who will be "first-time parents ", so go ahead.

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  1. How to be a good adoptive parent?
  2. We welcome the kitten at home
  3. Remember...

How to be a good adoptive parent?

There are certain considerations that we must take into account to avoid some consequences, mainly related to the physical and psychological development of the feline. Whenever possible, we should inform ourselves so that we know when kittens can be separated from their parent. It is important to leave the little ones with their mother asor at least up to 6 weeks of age.

Of course we love raising them from a young age and sometimes the challenge of continuing to bottle-feed our new member with milk is very tempting, however, separating them early can have negative consequences for your health and can promote behavior problems.

Premature separation of kittens

For its correct development we should respect the child's age, although sometimes circumstances lead us to have to parent a small feline orphan. Either because the mother has died or we have found him on the street abandoned.

The first thing to consider is trying to calculate your age, since the first month of life is critical. For this we can take him to a veterinarian to guide us and guide us on this new path. In any case, we have below a small guide that can guide us where we are:

  • Between 10 - 12 days of age it will open its eyes, before that it will just crawl. In these moments he begins to explore and walk clumsily.
  • Between 14 - 20 days of age the tips of your baby teeth incisors and from 20 days fangs and molars will appear.

This information is indicative, so we must be guided by the advice of a professional. What we cannot fail to mention is that the little one cannot thermoregulate only his body temperature, so it will be necessary that where he is, especially in his crib, has a constant temperature of 28 degrees. This is something that being together with her mother she will take care of, in the case of artificial breeding, we are responsible for offering the care of a puppy cat.

We welcome the kitten at home

One of the main advantages of adopting a young kitten is watch him grow, teach it according to our tastes and adapt it as best as possible to our human family. We will begin to discover games with himself, always respecting his will and curiosity when learning. Before receiving the kitten at home it will be essential to prepare for your arrival and buy the bowl of water, food, toys or bed among others.

Teach your children that the kitten is not a toy

If there are children in our home, we have an extra commitment, teaching our children to respect it as a living being, it is not just another toy. They should not shake you or hurt you. Children tend to understand it perfectly and, depending on the age, they are the commitments that we can make for the education and training of our kitten..

It is one more way to focus their attention and improve the relationship with other children, since when they invite friends to their house they explain to them how they should relate to a kitten and the games according to the age of the quadruped. It also strengthens the immune system of our children, especially reducing allergies.

¿And the older people?

Just as we highlight the benefit of raising our children with a small kitten, the same does not happen when choosing the age of the feline for the elderly. This usually causes some uncertainty and some fear when thinking if something happens to them, who will take care of their kitten. We recommend talking about it very well with the elderly, since many times the option would be an adult cat that accompanies them and does not generate so much commitment when raising them..


  • Respect your socialization period so that he develops a correct temperament (around his 8 weeks of life).
  • Not humanize it, know that it is a feline.
  • Like kitten know their nutritional and hygiene needs.
  • Choose long hair only if we have time to brush it, but rather short hair.
  • Prepare home security before the little one arrives, so there will be nothing to regret and we will all live in peace and harmony.
  • Adopting is a gesture of love, and your little feline will always be grateful.

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