Advantages of adopting an adult cat

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Adopting a pet is a decision that cannot be taken lightly. All family members must agree to the arrival of the animal at home, and commit to the responsibility that the care and compliance with the rules of coexistence that will be established imply..

Once these questions have been discussed, it is time to choose the furry companion. Many times, we get carried away by the attractiveness of puppies, because their cute appearance immediately catch us. However, it may be your chance to adopt an adult cat, since the most important thing is give love to your pet.

That is why in Animal Expert we want to talk to you about the advantages of adopting an adult cat. Cats are excellent companion animals, thanks to their independence, the tranquility of their character and their ability to groom themselves..

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Adopt a pet?

Beyond deciding to adopt a cat for the beautiful colors of its fur, it is necessary to think about the background that this action implies: you will be providing a home loving an animal that lacked him. Whether you look for him in a shelter, rescue him from the street or reach you by other means, such as a friend or relative who is giving him up for adoption, for example, the most important thing is to assume how you are going to change the life of that feline when you open the door of your house.

That is the very essence of pet adoption, the desire to help a helpless being and turn them into your unconditional partner, with whom you share pleasant moments and to whom you offer your dedication and your love.

It is very common to prefer a puppy cat, as they move us easily, as if it were never going to become an adult. That's why it's important become aware that adopting a pet implies a responsibility and a commitment, and that it is an action that cannot be motivated by emotions of the moment: when you adopt, you assume responsibility for the rest of the animal's life, regardless of whether it is growing or reaching the old age.

Why adopt an adult cat?

First of all, you should think about what you are doing for the animal: give it a second chance to a living being that perhaps does not have it, either because it is on the street or in a shelter, since statistics indicate that very few people adopt grown animals. By offering a life and care that the cat never imagined, you will meet a faithful, grateful and loving companion.

The cats adapt easily to the way of life of their owners, getting along well with children and elderly, so they are excellent company for them after the children have been taught how to care for the animal.

The animal's coexistence with children can benefit them if they suffer from allergies, since various studies have shown that contact with cats, and also dogs, creates the necessary defenses to cure allergies and prevent asthma.

The cats are very smart and resistant, characteristics that they have preserved from their wild origins, making them excellent hunters And animals playful who enjoy running and chasing toys in their active hours. The rest of the time, they are usually fairly quiet pets..

From their origins as wild cats they have also inherited the physical resistance, manifested in a fortress against viruses and diseases.

With the adult cat, there will be no surprises about your personality, as it happens when they are still puppies. From the beginning you will know what his character and way of being is, so you can establish a more mature relationship with him, as companions.

Loving cats means appreciating them all, regardless of their age or race. Once it has been educated correctly, with love and understanding, your adult cat will become a very Sociable very attached to the family, without this meaning giving up his feline independence, of course.

Adult cats do not require as much care as puppies. This does not mean, obviously, that you should leave your cat out in the open: a good diet, its vaccination regimen, sterilization, a visit to the vet and the basic care that he prescribes must be complied with, since it cannot be forgotten that it is It is about a living being that is under our responsibility.

By adopting a cat, you contribute to the elimination of cat farms, unethical practice that only seeks profit and not the health or well-being of the cats born there. Eliminating the buying and selling of pets should be a global priority.

Adopting an adult cat, you will show your children the value of life, where the most important thing is to give pets the affection they need.

Each cat, adult or not, will give you incomparable love and affection, without this having to do with their color, their breed or their age, but with the sensitive animals that they are..

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