A sad and true story of infinite friendship

An infinite friendship never ends because it is free of interests, it's love without conditions

Berta is an animated short film that tells the heartwarming story between a dachshund or sausage dog and her deceased human. 

Ema Zimonja is the director and animator of this short. She and a dog lost the same person. She was the best friend of both. He made this short in his memory. The story, then, is based on real events. In it we can feel the sadness and nostalgia that it gives off.

The strong feeling of absence is present in Berta. She looks for her friend to play, but all she finds is an empty bed. Through the window of his home, hopelessly, he looks sadly at the snowy road Berta looks at the horizon that joins the snow and the sky and knows that it is time to go. Before leaving, take one last look at the empty room full of warm memories and close the door.

Berta has screened at numerous international festivals and won Best Animated Short at the Chennai Interanational Short Film Festival (CISFF) in 2015. Source: Behance and Ema Zimonja

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