A diver meets the most curious inhabitant of the Atlantic

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the island of Tenerife, Canary Islands, is a true paradise for lovers of diving. Its waters hide as many secrets as surprises, in addition to a myriad of native marine animals.

The encounter between this diver and this friendly octopus has been described by her as "magical". It is not for less, only by seeing these images we can imagine how the moment could have been.

In general we are great ignorant of these animals with eight "legs ", but these animals can be very insistent. There are stories that, like this one, show octopuses as unpredictable beings.

Any of us would have wanted to live this experience. The encounter between the two worlds could not be more beautiful. The way they meet and explore each other is impressive.

All its tentacles glued to the diver's skin. Games, and comings and goings in the ocean. Nature it never ceases to amaze us and give us incredible moments

Source: National Geographic

Summary Article Name The most affectionate octopus in the world Description This octopus with which a diver has focused on Tenerife is the most affectionate in the Atlantic. The meeting has been magical between the two. Author Ana Hache Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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