A 70-year-old lady leaves the audience speechless with a pole-dance show

Tomoko is 70 years old, Japanese and has lived in Italy for 43 years. She moved to this country with the intention of learning lyrical singing to fulfill her dream of being an opera singer. When he tells this story, everyone thinks what he will do on the talent show..

Nothing could be further from the truth. In his own words, he is "too old to sing opera ", so he has prepared another number to put in the pocket of both the public and the jury.

And it is that Tomoko's intention is to leave us all speechless with an authentic exhibition of "pole-dance ", the dance technique in a pole that is so fashionable lately due to its showiness and physical demand.

It is still striking that at that age he is capable of doing such a demanding discipline that many people would not be able to do with 20 years.

Do not miss the video, it is really spectacular.

Source: Italia 's Got Talent

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