A female dog retrieves her puppies and reacts in a completely human way

Animals suffer exactly the same as we do. They feel and cry in their own way, But, at the end of the day, as you and I do. Recently, a female dog had been deprived of her litter of puppies.

Believing that I would never see them again, this mom was mired in grief that we would all have when we lose a loved one. But, fortunately, the puppies were returned to him.

And you would not imagine the reaction of this dog. Or maybe yes, because it is actually the most normal. Start crying with real tears of relief, of joy or of not being able to take more than all the pain contained it's so understandable that it shouldn't impress. But there are those who still insist on saying that animals do not feel, that they do not have a heart or that they are inferior.

No need to argue, just watch this video. How sad when we cannot be with who we want and what joy when we suddenly meet again.

Source: Thomas Catterall

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