A mother has been outraged by the content of her daughter's homework, do you agree with her?

Lynne Polvino is a New York mother who has a 6-year-old daughter named Hazel. A few weeks ago, the girl came home from school with homework to do at home. Everything seemed ordinary until Lynne began to peruse the content of those duties her daughter's grammar test and was in for a nasty surprise - they were incredibly sexist!!

The anger of this mother made her want to denounce it publicly on her Facebook account so that everyone could see the type of class education that children were trying to instill in school. Sexist criteria, far from gender equality.

Here we can see the original exercise that Hazel was sent. It was about in a text entitled Back to work that tells the story of a girl named Lisa and her family, and in which the children had to fill in the gaps with words.

"Lisa was not happy. His mother had gone back to work. Before Lisa was born, her mother worked in a large office. Yesterday, she told Lisa that she was back to work. The morning was terrible. Lisa had to get to school on time, her father also to work. And now her mother was in a hurry too.

Lisa didn't like her day at school. On the way home, she thought about it: I wonder what time my mommy is coming home. I'll be home alone. But when Lisa got home, her mother was there. That she said she had left the office early and therefore they could be together after school. Lisa now feels good. "

Lynne polvino

As we can read, it is a very critical text with the figure of the working mother since it makes the girl feel sad and things do not go well at home because of her mother's return to work. In addition, as it could be read in the text, with this new routine, the father had to prepare breakfast, something that he did not do very well. Which It makes one think that men cannot take care of household chores like women.

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Lynne's corrected version

Lynne wondered: “What decade are we in? Are we going to tell children today that mothers who work outside the home make their children unhappy? That parents don't usually do things like cook or wash the dishes? ”Faced with such anger, decided to rewrite history herself to better reflect the type of life that she would want for the children. In her new text, some changes could be appreciated where it was seen that Lisa was happy that her mother had returned to work and even that her father had a sick leave by paternity to take care of his new baby brother. In addition, Lisa helped around the house like the rest, which resulted in an equitable distribution of household chores.

Society advances according to the times we live in, it is normal for women to work and it is even more so for men to take responsibility for household chores and children. This type of education is still in force throughout the world but, Do you think it is appropriate? What would you have done if you came across duties like these?

Source: Lynne Polvino

Summary Article Name This mother was unpleasantly surprised when she saw her daughter's homework Description Lynne Polvino is a New York mother who has a 6-year-old daughter. As she read her daughter's homework, she realized that it was incredibly sexist. Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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