An investigation reveals the existence of invisible fish

Although it sounds like fiction from a novel by Jules Verne or Emilio Salgari, the truth is that the invisible fish They exist, and the fact is that the bottom of the ocean holds some secrets and mysteries that we would never have imagined before, so that we are going to know some of the peculiarities of these animals and, of course, the reasons why they have developed this ability.

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Research on the existence of invisible fish

Most of you will know that the bottom of the ocean holds some secrets that in fact we will never discover, but some others we are revealing little by little, and lately, one of the most interesting that we have been able to know is the ability of some fish to make yourself invisible.

The curiosity started from the fact that, when Karen Osborn tried to photograph several specimens of these fish, known as black fish, which were trapped in the trawl nets that they used in order to extract specimens to better investigate the depths of the sea, he could observe the impossibility of obtaining a capture of them.

They used very sophisticated equipment with the latest technologies, as well as very varied and professional lighting systems, but despite this, once they made the captures, they could not get absolutely any detail to be reflected, that is, even if the animal was in front of them. , it did not appear in the photographs.

They tried hundreds of different camera setups and lighting combinations, but never succeeded..

This obviously leaves anyone astonished, and of course it is also a very interesting topic that can have outstanding applications in our daily lives as we will see a little later..

Why do they have this invisibility ability

The conclusions of the investigation carried out by a team of scientists led by Karen Osborn and in collaboration with Sönke Johnsen, which have been published in the journal Current Biology, reveal that the secret is found in the granules with pigments that have the ability to absorb practically all the light that reaches the skin of these animals.

Thanks to this, they achieve that only 0.05% of it is reflected, with which they become invisible to human eyes and practically any other animal..

It should be noted that we are talking about ultra black fish, Due to the fact that they present a blacker color than we have ever been able to observe in our environment, and precisely this ability is what allows them to survive against their predators..

The applications of this discovery

Although there are still many steps to be taken in research, this discovery can have great applications in our day to day.

It is considered that it can be the first step to improve the technology of different optical elements such as cameras and telescopes.

In addition, it can also lead us to discover the secret of invisibility, achieving a practically perfect camouflage.

There is no doubt that this research has generated quite an interesting debate not only about invisible fish, but also about the ability to create materials and resources that can be endowed with invisibility, something that may not be so far or so scientific fiction as it may seem at first.

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