An 80-year-old man walks into an instrument store and leaves everyone with their mouths open

Many times we talk to you about children who they surprise us with their talent in many artistic branches. When a child has a spectacular voice, or has an incredible sense of rhythm and is able to convey feeling with his performance, we have no choice but to give up before him., because we know you can go as far as you want.

Anyone with an innate talent is worthy of recognition and diffusion, in fact we, on several occasions, we have shared with you all kinds of performances that we have found memorable. However, we have to admit that we have a certain soft spot for children and the elderly, perhaps because it seems that at those ages the capacities are a little lower and the effort is valued much more.

Today we want to introduce you to a man who deserves all our respect, his name is Bob Wood and he's 80. He has always played the guitar, and today he comes to show us that talent is something that is not forgotten over the years.

Then we leave you a minute and a half video that will leave you wanting a little more. Since Bob, Despite his bumpy back and graying hair, he is able to slide his fingers across the instrument leaving us speechless. Enjoy it!

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