A pit bull cries because children don't want to get close to him on Halloween, but then everything changes

The line between funny and dark is smaller than it seems. When it comes to making a joke, telling a ghoulish joke, or looking for a Halloween costume, we always expose ourselves to the same risk: overdoing it. We can be hurtful or out of place in seconds.

Unintentionally, this is exactly what happened to this dog.. The poor pit bull was the saddest animal of all on Halloween, his costume was so scary that no one wanted to get close to him.

The children did not approach after seeing their appearance. Dublin, that's what this dog is called, loves Halloween, and unlike other pets, it easily disguises.


Unfortunately, Dublin's horns were too creepy. And the children who came to his house refused to pet the friendly dog ​​because they thought it was a little scary.

William, who owns Dublin and is a university student, found out about the story when he called his mother in the middle of the night. That's when he decided to act fast and see if he could improve something..

Sad that your pit bull didn't have a Halloween full of love and kids, wrote on his Twitter a post with the story and photos of what happened.


The owner of this pit bull wrote: "my dog ​​has been doing 'trick or treating ' all night and has scared everyone, nobody caressed him and now he is very sad about it ".

Immediately afterwards the boy began to receive all the support of the Network, which turned over the suffering of the pit bull. Tweets started to rain support the puppy accompanied by photos and gifs to show his sadness.


Users who sympathized with Dublin without thinking twice, very sorry for the story.

Many of the tweets asked to know how the dog had spent the rest of the night. And luckily, Halloween night had a happy ending for the pit bull. William's mother started giving candy only to the children who caressed Dublin, So the night took a turn The dog seemed to be much happier with all the support he had received on the Internet and with the hugs from some children who finally dared to approach.

"You can tell everyone that I am fine and happy. Some kids gave me hugs and I like it! ", was the message that William offered to all who cared for Dublin the most famous pit bull in all of Halloweeen.

Source: People Pets

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