A pilot deviates an international flight to save a dog on board

An Air Canada pilot decided to divert a Tel Avid flight to Toronto due to the serious danger that a canine could run due to a malfunction of the heating system in the aircraft's cargo area.

This lucky French bull dog, named Simba, was reborn on his first flight when the pilot realized the danger just in time. The plane was about to fly over the Atlantic Ocean where temperatures plummet with the danger of freezing that this entails.

It was then that he decided to land the plane in Frankfurt, Germany. There, Simba was relocated on another flight and the plane continued on its way to Toronto..

The owner of the dog does not know how to thank such a good deed as well as the passengers who, as soon as they found out why the mishap, agreed and were glad that Simba was in perfect condition.

Do not miss the following video with the statements of the pilot, the owner and some of the passengers.

Source: CityNews

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