A dog jumps into the pool to take care of his friend the raccoon

On many occasions, some of the best friendships that occur in life are the most unlikely and unexpected. The same thing happens in the animal world, good harmony and coexistence can occur between species that we had never imagined before. There are situations like a cat giving a dog a massage.

This unique couple comes today to prove it to us. Is about a dog and a raccoon. In the following video, we see how the two meet at the edge of a swimming pool. The raccoon seems to want to touch the water and take a good dip, however it seems that the water scares him, although he finally throws himself.

Your four legged friend He does not seem to be very sure that he can swim and if he will be able to stay afloat. Therefore, neither short nor lazy, he also throws himself into the pool to protect his friend and even carries him on his back as if he were a real lifeguard..

There is no doubt that this dog used what best defines his species: bravery and courage.. Dogs are capable of doing anything and even putting their lives at risk to save their loved ones, whether they are people or, as we have seen, also other animals.

take a little time out of your day to watch this? pic.twitter.com/ugIzrzqHTk

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Summary Article Name This raccoon decides to jump into the pool, what this dog does then won't leave you indifferent Description A dog and a raccoon are at the edge of a pool. The raccoon does not hesitate to jump into the water and his canine friend comes to help him. Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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