A little bear makes a very special friend, what a funny scene!

The Disney Nature production company in France wanted to enter one of the most unique places on our planet; Alaska, to teach the viewer all about the incredible development of animal life in these places.

They were in charge of filming the adventures of a very special family for a year. They are Ambar and Scout, two bear cubs with their mother Sky. In the film entitled Grizzly (brown bear in Spanish) you can see how the little cubs learn from their mother with enthusiasm and enthusiasm to know the territory what will be your home when winter is over.

The images that we see below are part of those adventures that we have been commenting on. During the walk along the shore of the beach, one of the little ones separates from his mother and brother to freely investigate. He approaches a clam and takes it to play with it under the watchful eye of his family. But of course, the clam clings to its claws and there was a small moment of trouble on the part of the little bear, although it has left us a most sympathetic scene.

Definitely, some tender images that bring us a little closer to knowing the animal world and this adorable species that unfortunately has been in danger of extinction for years. Enjoy it!

Source: Disneynature FR

Summary Article Name This little bear cub is looking for a very special playmate Description During a walk along the shore of the beach, the adorable little bear cub walks up to a clam and picks it up to play with while trying to open it. Author Lidia Rodríguez Publisher Name La Nube de Algodón Publisher Logo

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