A duck saves a chicken from being eaten by a hawk

Three birds, a field and a lot of hunger. Let the games begin! The hawk of this story I had ordered chicken to go, but when he went to pick up dinner the order was not delivered. The idea came from a duck named Felix, who decided that this chicken was not to be eaten.

Although a hero, to Felix, what is this super duck actually called, luck was with him a bit. You just have to look at the claws that hawks have to understand that that day the stars aligned.

That and that day there was no chicken on the menu as much as the raptor wanted. Anything can change or redirect your destiny, a little luck, missing a train or falling asleep can make your life something different.

But sometimes it also takes a duck to mend a hawk's wishes for death and destruction..

As much as the union is strength surely the chicken has not been seen in another like it. When the poor man felt free runs terrified to his cage, and at the very least it is most likely that after the incident he would cry.

Source: Reddit

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