A doctor turns a misplaced baby inside its mother's womb

With his mouth open and his eyes wide. This is how you stay after watching this video. First you feel a little shocked, then real dread, and then a lot of curiosity. But what is this man doing? What do you want to achieve? How far will it go?

And the best of all is that He knows what he does. In pregnancies there are many times when the baby does not position itself as it should, but comes from the breech and at the time of delivery you have to be careful so that there are no complications.

It is not a major problem because it is controlled with ultrasounds, it is acted in advance And ultimately, there is always the option of Caesarean section. Medical and hygiene advances have made infant mortality no longer a problem in many parts of the world. There is, however, an option other than the above to position the unborn baby in the correct way for delivery: from the outside and only with your hands. Incredible true?

Only with his hands and knowing the technique, this man get the baby to turn completely inside the mother's tummy. Thus, with words it may seem like a small thing, but wait until you see the images.

If you can not be too impressed you will be able to observe how it moves with the doctor's hands.

Think about the fact of baby spinning inside its placenta through its mother's body almost seems more like a movie.

Source: Johnny K

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