An elephant thinks its keeper is drowning and does not hesitate to do something

Kham Lha is a little elephant who lives in the Elephant Nature Park of Thailand. This baby has a special connection to Darrick, her caregiver. It is normal that when you spend a lot of time with animals, bonds are created as beautiful as the ones in this story.

This baby pachyderm thought his friend was in trouble when he saw him in the middle of the river, so human, so defenseless. With those little arms and the ridiculous size that we have compared to elephants, it is more than normal that they think that we are in constant danger. Especially if we get into the river or the sea.

Precisely for that, and the infinite love that they have, Kham Lha doesn't think twice and despite being a baby she behaves like a mother with her human. In addition to being a heroic act, it is a show of love so great that it does not fit in the small atrophied hearts of those who do not love animals. Of the mafias that mistreat elephants or use them to walk tourists in this country.

How happy it must be to be "saved" by an elephant. What satisfaction to know that you are doing things right, that this is the path to be taken with the living beings with whom we share the world. How nice when you are a piece of the chain that makes the Earth a better place.

And how nice to see these images. It's also a bit funny because Darrick, who is not in danger, laughs when he sees how his four-legged friend "saves" him with so much love.

Source: elephantnews

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