A heartbreaking short film shows the reality of stray dogs in the city of Bombay

Although it is a problem that occurs in all the cities of the world, the population of stray dogs in the city of Bombay (India) is so high that it has become a truly alarming issue.

Cities with such a high number of stray animals tend to belong to countries where some basic resources are limited and where the distribution of wealth is highly unequal. Therefore, neither the citizens nor the municipalities themselves have the capacity to cope with the overpopulation of the animals that inhabit the streets. The protectors cannot take charge of this problem alone and the lack of education and information of the population contributes to the life of these animals is a real hell.

For all these reasons, World Organization for the Care and Adoption of Animals has created this fiction short that reflects what life is like for a stray dog ​​in the city of Bombay. The objective of the video is to make the population aware of the importance of adopting these animals and, in turn, try to educate present and future generations about the importance of caring for and protecting those innocent dogs.

The video is harsh, but it is necessary to see and share it to collaborate with this cause that needs an urgent solution.

* No animal has been injured during the recording of this short film. All cruelty scenes have been digitally generated through video editing.


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