A baby, fed up with his mother taking pictures of him, runs away with his mobile phone

Have you ever wondered to stop to think about the amount of videos and photos you have taken with your baby from minute one of life?

I have lost count, of course. Many times we do not realize what heavy we are parents for trying to bring us all the possible memories of his little feats. But, why are we going to fool ourselves, we love to watch over and over again those videos and photos on the way to work, home, in line at the bank, etc..

The protagonist of the video that we leave you next, this is causing havoc and has decided take revenge in the best possible way, taking with him the culprit of so many forced poses, the mobile.

While he "runs " with a rogue face, you can see his mother behind without being able to hide the laughter since the images speak for themselves, they are laughable.

Do not wait any longer and press "play " but, remember, The next can be you!

Source: Netscour

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