A baby goes down stairs in a very funny way

It is not at all normal for a mother to say that her baby goes down stairs. But these parents can say it with pride, and they wouldn't be lying. They say that creativity is a sign of intelligence and, based on this, we can assure you that this baby is very intelligent.

Under the watchful eye of her parents, the little girl has found a safe and fun way to go down the stairs without tripping risk and hurt yourself. Watch him slide down the stairs to get his precious bottle. He's a genius!

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Motor development

Obviously this baby has not yet developed the motor skills he needs to go up or down stairs. That is, we cannot really say that a baby goes down stairs, the correct thing would be to say that he slides.

The maturation of the nervous system is responsible for the motor system and has a more or less predictable rate of development. So, around 4 or 5 years old, they will know how to go up and down stairs almost like adults and run quickly, alternating with dry stops and jumps, the last phases of motor skills..

However, we have seen cases like this, where babies supplement their poor motor development (due to their age) with creative ways to achieve their goals. Babies who get out of the crib or who manage to move furniture to get something that interests them.

From the age of 5, children should have a body control similar to that of an adult and stimulation to acquire and perfect new skills from home is essential as long as their development rhythms are being respected. Through games and in an entertaining way, motor development can be promoted in children. At approximately 7 years of age, motor and nervous system maturation should be complete.

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