Cookie truffles and white chocolate, the dessert with which you will triumph

In The Cotton Cloudn We love all those recipes that surprise us with their taste and ease of preparation. And, with the current pace of life, time is money, so all quick and easy recipes are well received.

Today we have found one that is not only easy to do, but has also won us over for its delicious taste and look. These are cookie truffles capable of surprising anyone, big or small.

The video that Hacking Food brings us shows us how to make the recipe using Oreo cookies and a white chocolate coating, but as explained to us, we can actually make them with the cookies and chocolate that we want, the procedure is always just as easy.

To achieve an original presentation we just have to let our imagination fly, since we can use all kinds of chips to decorate them or even crushed nuts. It is an easy recipe that we can share with the smallest of the house, who will be proud to have cooked and decorated their own truffles. Do not miss it!

Summary Recipe Name Cookie truffles and white chocolate Author Name Raquel Medina Published On 2016-02-09 Preparation Time 20M Cook Time 40M Total Time 60M

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