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Although there are different options To feed our dog, the truth is that I think, croquettes or balls is the most widespread, probably because of how easy and inexpensive it is. But not all dogs accept this type of diet well, especially if they are used to another diet..

In this AnimalWised article we are going to give tricks for our dog to eat I think whether it is a healthy specimen or if it is sick or a puppy or an elderly man with special needs.

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  1. Feeding the dogs
  2. How to feed the dog?
  3. With what to mix my dog's feed?
  4. How to soften my dog's feed?
  5. How to grind dog food?
  6. My dog ​​eats less than before - why and what to do?

Feeding the dogs

First of all, point out that there are different options to feed our dog well. In addition to the well-known feed, wet products are marketed, the popular cans, although many keepers reserve them only for special moments or convalescence. More recently, alternatives have emerged such as dehydrated food, to which you only have to add water, or diets such as BARF, which involves designing a specific menu for the dog. Likewise, resorting to a homemade diet is a valid option, as long as we have the advice from a professional of canine nutrition to ensure its balance. Otherwise, nutritional deficiencies could arise, as we explain in this other article about ¿What do dogs eat? In other words, homemade food is not the same as giving our leftovers to the dog..

In this article we will focus on he think. Whether we choose this diet from the beginning or if we want to adapt a dog that until then followed another type of diet to it, these are the tricks for a dog to eat I think.

How to feed the dog?

If we opt for feed, the first thing is to look for a quality one. Choose the range adapted to the circumstances of your dog, for example, for puppies, for senior dogs, for adults, etc. Take some time to read the ingredient labels. The first, since we are facing a carnivore-omnivore, must be meat, better dehydrated to ensure that its percentage is maintained after the feed preparation process, since fresh meat will lose water, thereby reducing the final percentage.

Once you have selected a feed, respect the serving recommended by the manufacturer for the weight of your dog. If you lose weight, increase it in the range indicated on the package. On the contrary, if he gets fat, reduce it until you find the ideal amount for him, since his needs are also influenced by other factors, such as his physical activity. It must be borne in mind that if we go overboard, it is likely that the dog will not eat everything and it seems to us that it is eating badly, when in reality we are overfeeding it. Respect the quantities.

The cubs will eat several times a day, with what it will be necessary to distribute the ration in the necessary intakes. Adult dogs can also eat multiple meals or just one meal. Although there is the possibility of leaving the feed on demand, rationing it, that is, offering the feeder and removing it in a few minutes one or more times a day can avoid conflicts over resources and we can use it as an educational tool, for example, asking you to sit down before eating. It also helps us to control when he will be more or less hungry, which allows us to give obedience classes with edible rewards when we know that he is not with a full belly. Of course, the feed has little moisture, so water, without a doubt, always on demand, clean and fresh, is essential.

Dogs are animals of habit, so it benefits them that we always feed them at the same or similar time. Keep a schedule is the first of the tricks to eat your balls. But for some dogs it won't be enough. Here are more ideas to get you to eat well.

With what to mix my dog's feed?

The first thing we usually think of when the dog is reluctant to eat the feed is in mix it up. And the truth is that it is recommended that adaptation to the new food be done gradually. Sudden changes in diet are very common to produce digestive disorders, especially loose or liquid stools. Thus, to avoid problems, we can imaginatively divide the feeder into four parts and start with three of the old food and one of the new. In a couple of days it will be two of the new one, in another couple three, until we completely change the menu. If what we give you is homemade food It is also necessary to make this gradual adaptation, but it is better not to mix the two types of food, since they are not digested in the same way.

This trick for your dog to eat I think it will work if we are constant. That is, there will be dogs that refuse to eat the feed and will keep only the part that they get from their previous meal. Do not fall into the error of giving more of this out of pain. No healthy dog ​​is going to starve. Stick to the guidelines and you will end up getting used to it. Of course, if the dog is sick, it cannot go without food. In that case, the vet will tell you how to feed him based on his pathology..

How to soften my dog's feed?

I think we can too mix with liquids so that it softens. It is another of the tricks for a dog to eat I think, as some specimens accept it better softer. A typical case is that of puppies during weaning. At first it is likely that they will be able to eat the feed better if its consistency is soft. Also dogs with problems in the mouth or some other pathology may find it easier to eat softened feed.

So yeah, water can be added to dog food. Serve cold or warm, not hot. Another option is to soak it with broth, such as chicken or fish, but it should not contain salt or any other ingredient other than the piece of meat and, optionally, rice or cooked potato. We will use only the liquid, which we can even freeze. A few minutes before lunchtime we will add enough to cover the feed, more or less depending on the texture we are looking for. The balls will absorb the liquid and, later, we can give them to the dog by squashing them or as is.

If we have raised puppies with artificial milk We can soften the feed with it or do it only with water. Before resorting to the broth, it is advisable to consult with the veterinarian if the dog has any health problems and must follow a special diet. If our idea is that the dog eats I think hard, we will only have to leave him more and more stumbles.

How to grind dog food?

Finally, although it is less frequent, another trick for the dog to eat I think is give it to him crushed. It is an option that is usually left for convalescent dogs, since it allows offer it with syringe. We would have to soften the feed with warm water or broth, if advised by the vet. Then, instead of offering it directly or crushing it with a fork, we will pass it through the crusher or mixer, so that we have a paste. We can add more liquid to achieve the desired texture. As it is a paste, you can ingest it by licking it or we can help you by introducing small amounts into your mouth with a syringe from the side, in the hole behind the tusk. It is a cheaper resource than cans for dogs that need a specific feed for health reasons, but their condition makes it difficult for them to eat it..

My dog ​​eats less than before - why and what to do?

As you can see, there are different tricks for your dog to eat feed, which usually work in a few days if the whole family complies with the rules and no one gives him other foods that may reduce his appetite. Once the dog is eating the feed normally and we provide it with the dose recommended by the manufacturer and nothing else, note that it leaves food in the feeder it is a sign that the vet should assess. Lack of appetite is behind multiple pathologies.

But be careful that he is actually eating less. For example, if the puppy has already grown, the amounts will have to be adjusted to its adult weight. If the dog eats our food, it will eat less feed or, when for any reason they exercise less, it will also need less feed. In that case, he does not eat less, but what he needs and leaves the surplus. It may also need fewer grams per day if you switch to a higher quality feed. That's why you always have to look at the administration guidelines given by the manufacturer and respect them. Take a look at his body condition to see if he is losing weight or gaining weight and weigh him from time to time. If you have followed all the recommendations and you still do not eat as usual, go to the vet.

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