Tips to lift the ears of a Yorkshire terrier

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In general, the Yorkshire Terrier takes a while to lift its ears while on other occasions it never does it due to genetics and in a third situation it will need our help to be able to do it..

If you are looking for tricks to lift the ears of a yorkshire You have entered the right place, at AnimalWised we are going to offer you some ideas that seem ineffective at first glance but that in the long run get a good result.

Keep reading and discover what proposals and tricks exist to lift the ears of a Yorkshire terrier and ¡start putting them into practice now! Do not forget to share your experience.

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  1. Shave ears
  2. Use of cohesive bandage
  3. Food supplements

1. Shave the ears

The first of the tricks to lift the ears of a yorkshire consists of shaving the ears with an electric razor specific for dogs or with scissors, always acting with special care and delicacy. If you have doubts about how to use it, we recommend that you first consult a veterinarian, a dog groomer or watch various tutorials on YouTube.

Sometimes his own hair makes his ears heavy and do not strain to lift them. You don't need to shave him down to the base, although if you want to do it and give him a "westy" cut ¡it can be very sweet and pretty! There are many types of yorkshire haircuts, find out which one suits your best friend best at AnimalWised.

2. Use of cohesive bandage

Through the use of cohesive bandage We discovered the second trick to lift the ears of a Yorkshire Terrier. In pet product stores you will find this type of bandage or tape, although you can also find it in any pharmacy or veterinary center. It is a very common product since sticks to itself without affecting hair or to the dermis.

The use of this bandage is very simple: we only have to screw the ears a little (without bending them), fixing the desired position with the cohesive bandage itself. We must ensure that we do not harm him and that he is found comfortable with that.

We can put the bandage one day if, one day not, in this way we make sure that your skin perspires properly.

Food supplements

The third of the tricks to lift the ears to a Yorkshire is to offer some food that will help him improve the consistency of your cartilage.

We will find chondroprotectors for dogs on the market, supplements that very effectively promote the nutrition of cartilage for better firmness. Gelatin without additives or preservatives and even small portions of cheese can also help. Of course, before considering administering any type of supplement you should consult the vet, he will advise you on the best product for your yorkshire terrier.

¡So far our tricks to lift the ears of a Yorkshire terrier! ¿Do you have a better one that you would like to share?? ¿Do you want to show us the results? Share your photo with the AnimalWised community so everyone knows your pet.

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