Tricks to lift the ears of a Prague mouse

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The Prague Buzzard is a toy size dog very popular. Many people who enjoy their company observe the drooping ears of the Prague mouse and worry about it, it is a fact that happens often.

In this AnimalWised article we will explain a trick that you can use to get them to stay in an upright position, typical of the breed. But remember first to check your animal's ears well to rule out any disease or health problem that could be affecting it..

Discover now a tricks to lift the lop ears of the Prague mouse:

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  1. The characteristic ears of the prague mouse
  2. Your prague mouse does not lift its ears?
  3. Adhesive plaster for dogs
  4. Food supplements

The characteristic ears of the prague mouse

The prague mouse is notable for many things, including its pointed ears. However, we cannot consider it to be one of the standards of the breed. it is not recognized as official by the FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale). Whether or not it is considered an official rafa, the truth is that it is one of the funniest and most remarkable physical characteristics of this mini-sized dog..

Your prague mouse does not lift its ears?

You should know that this happens frequently to specimens puppies yet to develop completely. You will need to wait until at least 5 months of age to confirm that your Prague mouse does not prick its ears up.

The ear lift also has a genetic factor so if the parents, and even the grandparents, have shown drooping or bent ears, it is likely that your dog can also develop like this.

Finally, and as we suggested at the beginning, you must make sure that your dog is not suffering from any health problem. The otitis in dogs is usually the most common cause of problems related to ear lift.

Adhesive plaster for dogs

In the market you will find adhesive tape suitable for dogs. This must be hypoallergenic and specific for dogs otherwise it could harm their hair and skin. It is generally used for very long-haired dogs that tend to get dirty easily but it is also used for cases similar to these.

You must place it carefully creating a conical structure imitating the natural position from the ears of the Prague buzzard and change it every 5 days maximum. It is very important that you remove the bandage to make sure that the ears are fine and that your dog has not suffered any skin problems..

Use this trick at most one month and never force your dog to put it on if he is excessively uncomfortable, it could cause stress.

Food supplements

Your dog's ears are made of cartilage. Poor diet can be the cause of this problem. Consult the specialist for the administration of cartilage supplements, It is a supplement that will not harm your dog's health at all, but it should always be administered under the advice of a professional.

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