Tricks to shine my dog's hair

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There are various home tricks to keep your dog's hair shiny and healthy. The simplest and cheapest is to brush it gently every day (5 minutes is enough) although you can use many other techniques to make it look perfect whether it is winter or summer.

There are many tricks that have been used since ancient times to enhance the beauty of hair, both of humans and animals, although it does take more time to elaborate and apply them than regular brushing. In this AnimalWised article we will explain the most common or easy to apply so that your dog's hair is shiny.

In addition, you must take into account that factors such as diet have a direct impact on the quality and shine of the dog's hair. Read on to know tricks to shine my dog's hair.

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  1. Beer
  2. Lanolin
  3. Yolk
  4. Rosehip oil
  5. Keratin


The application of alcohol-free beer to the dog's hair at the end of the bath, it is proven that it improves its shine because it nourishes the hair bulb and softens the hair shaft.

This process should be done after bathing the dog and after allowing the beer applied with a sponge to act on its dermis and hair for 3 or 4 minutes. Once this time has elapsed, you must rinse with plenty of water tempered to the can. If you do not rinse well, the hair will be sticky.

It is a simple and inexpensive method, as long as the dog is not very big and with very long hair. I, for example, would not use this homemade trick on an Afghan greyhound. In this case I would prefer the lanolin trick.


Lanolin is a natural fat which comes from the wool of sheep. It can be purchased in pharmacies and natural product stores. There is natural lanolin and anhydrous lanolin. The first one smells like wool, and the second one is deodorized.

To prepare the fluid that we will apply to our dog's hair, we will do the following:

  1. We will put a couple of teaspoons of lanolin in the water bath to melt it.
  2. Then we will add 1 liter of warm water to the saucepan with the melted lanolin.
  3. We will emulsify, that is, we will beat both materials with a minipimer and we will introduce them in a watertight bottle to cool the resulting emulsion and save it for when we need it..

We will carry out a process identical to that of beer: When we bathe our dog, and before rinsing it, we will apply the fluid all over its body except on the head. After 5 minutes we will lightly rinse with water warm to the animal.


Egg yolk is another totally natural product that we can use to shine the dog's hair. For this we will follow this process:

  1. We will emulsify 1 or 2 egg yolks with warm water
  2. The proportion is half a liter of water per yolk (the amount will depend if your dog is large or small).

It is important that we know that the excess emulsion must be discarded, It should not be stored under any circumstances and as regards the method of application, proceed exactly as in the beer trick: thoroughly rinsing the animal after five minutes of exposure to the effects of the egg yolk.

Rosehip oil

It is a very expensive product, but very effective: rosehip oil can be found in pharmacies, parapharmacies, natural product stores and in some supermarkets.

It is a product used to remove wrinkles from human skin, and to thoroughly clean the face and eye sockets of dogs (with great care that it does not go into the eye). I would not advise using rosehip oil on all of the dog's hair, even if it is small.

However, for the care of the face of your dogs it is an optimal product, since very little amount is needed when pouring a couple or three drops on a cotton pad of those used to remove make-up. Once expanded throughout the facial area, it is left without clarifying so that its beneficial effects last.

It also works well for wounds, scars, and skin disorders of all kinds. Prolonged use of this oil lightens the skin and hair exposed to it.


Keratin is a protein with a high sulfur content. It constitutes hair base human and animal, as well as the hooves and nails. It can be found liquid and used like rosehip oil, but all over the animal's body and using a milkweed to remove make-up.

However, I advise against the direct use of this product, since there are preparations and shampoos on the market that incorporate this element with much more balanced proportions of use..

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