Tricks to shine my cat's hair

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Cats have a meticulous care of your cloak. They lick their hair to groom themselves and keep their fur clean, shiny and untangled.

We can employ a few tricks to help them give their fur a velvety shine. However, we must bear in mind that unlike dogs, cats lick their hair from accessible areas of their bodies. If there are a couple of cats, they lick each other also inaccessible areas. Therefore, our tricks must not leave residues on the coat that could poison the cat..

Read this AnimalWised article and I'll reveal some tricks to shine my cat's hair, or also yours.

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  1. Cat brushing
  2. A good diet
  3. Homemade tricks to shine the cat's hair

Cat brushing

Brush daily for 5 minutes to your cat, it will be the most economical way (unless your time is money), and effective for your cat to present a shiny coat, since you will eliminate dead hair and dirt, leaving it without blemishes and tangles.

You will also show your cat how much affection you have towards him, something that will please him a lot and positively reinforce his character..

Regardless of what has been said, brushing the cat frequently you will eliminate the possible trichobezoars (hairballs in the stomach) future that so distress our pets when they suffer. Discover some brushes for short-haired cats and brushes for long-haired cats.

A good diet

The foods rich in Omega 6 and Omega 12 they will promote a superb quality of your cat's coat.

Salmon, trout, sardines, herring and tuna are formidable foods to enrich your cat's hair. However, never give these foods raw or with thorns.

A light boil, or a brief pass over the iron, will eliminate any trace of anisakis or any other parasites or bacteria. Once a week it is convenient that they eat fish, or some wet feed whose base is fish.

Homemade tricks to shine the cat's hair


The beer for centuries it has had a cosmetic use for hair of people and animals, since it nourishes the hair bulb and also the hair shaft, giving it more flexibility, softness and shine. However, the beer that we will use with our cat must be necessarily without alcohol.

Employment is very easy:

When we bathe the cat and after a brief rinse, we will apply the warm beer with a sponge all over the body, except for the face and genitals. We will massage you with our fingers so that the beer reaches your skin well distributed.

We will wait about three minutes and proceed to a good rinse with water that eliminates the beer completely. Finally, we will dry the cat very well, brushing or combing it later.

The egg

There are two ways to use the egg as a cosmetic for hair: the yolk and the white. Both are nourishing for the hair, but work better separately than together.

The yolk is very nutritious and stickier, tending to darken the hair and give it a lot of shine. The white is less dense, removes better and tends to lighten the hair, offering a more satin shine. Therefore, we will use the yolk for short and dark haired cats. The clear will serve us for cats with long and light hair.

The way to apply yolk or white is as follows:

We will emulsify the yolk or the egg white with a glass of warm water with a mixer. Once the cat has been bathed and after a slight rinsing we will proceed to smear the cat with the chosen emulsion using a sponge, avoiding the face, genitals and immediately massaging the cat with your fingers so that the skin and hair are well nourished.

After 5 minutes letting it act the emulsion, we will rinse the cat thoroughly with water so that no sticky egg remains. We will dry the cat very well and comb or brush it. We must discard the excess emulsion and not pretend to save it.


The honey can also be used as hair nutrient. A well-nourished hair is healthy hair, therefore shiny and elastic. The way to prepare the emulsion is as follows:

With a mixer we will emulsify half a liter of warm water with a level tablespoon of honey. Then we will proceed with its application in the same way as with the yolk or white emulsion, but making an effort in the final rinse since the honey is very sticky.

The excess part can be kept in the fridge.


Keratin is a protein. This substance is constituted in the Main base of human hair and animal hair; as well as nails and hooves.

You can find keratin or keratin (it is the same) in liquid form, but I advise against its use to the layman. Professionals have the right knowledge to use this very rich sulfur product. There are many shampoos that incorporate keratin in their formulation, with the appropriate pH for the cat's dermis..

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