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The dogs They are one of the most popular pets worldwide and more and more owners are concerned about offering them all kinds of pampering and luxuries. To have a full and happy life they need to have a series of basic care, such as food, cleanliness and a pleasant environment for him.

Year after year things are evolving and improving for dogs. Before, for example, it was very unreasonable to think that in the present we were going to have services such as hospitalization for dogs or hotels, but society evolves and so does the way people think. Today the treatment of quadrupeds, and animals in general, is much more humane than a couple of decades ago.

In AnimalWised you will find information related to dog beauty treatments, a way to pamper them and to cover a basic need of the most faithful animals that exist, hygiene and hygiene.

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  1. Aspects to take into account prior to beauty treatment
  2. Dog hair care
  3. Specific beauty treatments for dogs
  4. Aromatherapy in dogs
  5. Dog spa

Aspects to take into account prior to beauty treatment

It is best if your dog has all your vaccinations before doing any beauty treatment, especially if it is a long-haired breed. When you arrive at the pet groomer, your dog comes into contact with other dogs and can become infected with a disease that has not yet been vaccinated..

However, it is recommended that you take your dog to the groomer as soon as possible, in order that he begins to familiarize himself with the staff and the procedure, so that he loses fear and gains confidence.

The first sessions should focus only on bathing or grooming the puppy, instead of doing a haircut directly. These sessions should be short and taking into account that it is a baby who has not experienced a similar situation before..

Dog hair care

Between the The most requested treatments are those related to dog hair, specifically hair cutting and washing. For the haircut you must take into account the breed of your pet and the styles that can be made. Many breeds have distinctive cuts, such as the French Poodle or the Yorkshire Terrier.

Some quirky and out-of-the-ordinary dog ​​cuts are in fashion today, especially in Asia. For some people these cuts may be attractive but for others not so much, this will depend on the tastes of each one.

Washing the dog's hair

As for hair washing, it is an equally important process and to which we must pay the same attention. The frequency between one wash and another will depend on the conditions of each pet, since some dogs are cleaner than others. Likewise, the environmental conditions of your place of residence also influence the maintenance of hygiene. However, as a general recommendation, we can say that the most appropriate is bathe them every 2 to 3 weeks.

When it comes to selecting the shampoo to bathe our dog, there are many options that we find on the market. Although the best known are the fleas, they are also the least recommended for general use. You should only use them if your veterinarian indicates it, since the aggressiveness of its components to guarantee the elimination of fleas can cause dryness in your pet's scalp, triggering several problems that could be prevented by using a suitable shampoo..

Also do not use human shampoo on dogs, and rinsing should be done with lukewarm water. You can use a rinse cream or conditioner for this purpose, ideal for pets with long fur as it leaves it silky and shiny, which will also improve the hairstyle. This product must be applied after rinsing the shampoo and must be left on for at least five minutes. Although the ideal is to get a specific conditioner or shampoo for your dog's hair, you should know that there are also natural formulas that you can prepare for the care of your dog's hair, these include baking soda, apple cider vinegar or lavender soap , among others.

Drying and brushing the dog's hair

Hair drying in dogs should be done with special dry towels for each dog, in case of using a hair dryer it should be done with warm air to avoid burns. Brushing is also important to avoid tangles in the hair, it should be done from the back to the front and keeping the brush as far away from the skin as possible. You can perform different tricks to make your dog's hair shine more, the most common is to brush it daily for at least five minutes.

After bathing you can apply non-alcoholic beer to the dog's hair, this is a simple and inexpensive method to make your pet's coat shine and look prettier. You can also use lanolin, a natural fat that comes from sheep's wool and that you can buy in health food stores and pharmacies. Other products that also promote the shine of the dog's hair are egg yolk, rosehip oil and keratin. Check out the article on homemade tricks to shine your dog's hair and discover how to apply these products.

Specific beauty treatments for dogs

exist beauty treatments focused on specific parts of your dog, such as nail trimming, something that has to be done very carefully to avoid causing bleeding in the animal. We can also talk about cleaning the ears, a process that prevents infections such as otitis, which causes a bad smell and discomfort in your pet..

There are also treatments focused on cleaning the canine's teeth, since despite keeping their teeth clean, they can acquire an infection. In this regard, special care must be taken and not using the toothpaste used in humans, since the fluoride they contain is highly toxic to dogs. Instead, you have to use special toothpaste that can be purchased at any pet supply store..

Another aspect to highlight is the eye cleaning to avoid conjunctivitis or other eye diseases. You can use drops for cleaning if necessary, they are made of physiological serum, they can be purchased individually or in a bottle. If your dog has red wine stains under the tear ducts, it may have bacteria or something similar and you should go to the vet as soon as possible. To combat the problem, you can clean his eyes with a wet towel daily and apply chamomile, or give him apple cider vinegar to balance his pH..

In the case of dogs with wrinkles such as Shar Pei, it is important to keep them clean and dry so that fungus or irritation does not appear. Keeping the hair short in the genital areas is also an aspect to take into account and frequently clean the pads of the feet. The hair between the pads should only be cut if it is very long and if it bothers your pet, because the hair on the pads protects your pet from moisture, parasites and other problems. The hair must be cut flush and never inserting the scissors between the pads.

Aromatherapy in dogs

In dogs you can perform a treatment called aromatherapy, based on the use of essential oils. The end of it is reduce stress, relax, decongest the nostrils and skin of the animal. This therapy has no side effects and can help in some conditions.

The use of ozone is also frequent to be able to eliminate pathogens from the skin. This is a very effective dog beauty treatment for those with skin allergies, muscle or bone injuries, not to mention that it promotes the nutrition of hair and skin. This is a treatment that can also be applied to cats, horses and birds..

Dog spa

You can take your dog to a spa in order to fulfill two great purposes: to offer a Beauty treatment and at the same time reduce the stress of your pet. In these canine centers you can find recreational and sports activities, relaxing massages, personalized baths and general arrangement. If you are thinking of choosing this option, you should consider that behind the establishment there is a group of professionals in animal behavior and veterinary doctors, since it involves long hours away from your pet.

The benefits of a spa are innumerable, only with the simple fact that your pet changes his routine and socializes with other dogs, it will help him to have a better physical and mental balance, avoiding anxiety attacks and negative behaviors. There are behaviors that indicate a psychological imbalance such as destructive behaviors, excessive howling and barking, licking until injuring oneself, aggressiveness, malnutrition or obesity problems that you should treat immediately if you notice them.

To avoid this type of behavior, in addition to the spa, it is recommended that you take your pet to the park for physical activity and not just short walks, encourage periods of socialization with other dogs, give him a balanced diet and take him to the vet frequently.

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