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We know that domestic cats are animals of habit, once they establish a routine, and feel comfortable with it, the level of anxiety decreases and with it, nervousness. We must know that any change whether from home, new members of the family or in very extreme cases, decoration, can cause stress.

In this AnimalWised article we want to help you calm a nervous cat which may or may not be yours. We are going to share some tips that will be of great use to you. Keep reading:

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  1. The approach
  2. Spend time daily
  3. The vet can help

The approach

The approach or approach in a nervous or stressed cat by some situation that makes it uncomfortable, is usually the most difficult to deal with. Once this barrier is overcome, we are able to "tame the situation ".

When it comes to a cat we do not know either on the street or from another person, so we do not know how he can react, we must use all our tools so that the approach is not frustrated. There are felines that are very stressed by the presence of strangers, but we must learn to read the behaviors and signals that their body sends us.

The cats that went through some abuse situation normally, they recoil with arched backs, but not with bristly hairs, it would only be a defensive behavior. Like if you crouch down, sticking your body to the ground. We must earn their trust, so many times it is good to extend a hand with an open palm so that smell us and speaking in a sweet and calm voice. It is not necessary to touch it, just note that it is not in danger and that we will not do anything that could harm it.

Sometimes, our own cat reacts nervously out of fear of something or some situation, sometimes unknown. Let's try not to act impulsively and overbearing. Remember that in this case we must also earn your trust and if you do not want us to take it, we will not. We must go little by little, as slowly as they want, to show them through smooth movements that there is no danger with us. We add words of comfort in a low tone and with patience. We can also resort to "bribery ", Taking advantage of the fact that we know you and, we know your tastes, offer you your favorite toy or some food that he like it and thus, get him out of this stressful state.

It's very important respect their times. If he wants to flee from us, we should never chase him, we leave him alone for a while, at least half an hour to try the approach again..

Spend time daily

Whether it is our own feline or one that lives on the street, the ideal way to overcome nervousness is to spend some time every day. Has to get used to our presence.

In the approach we try to bring our hand towards its snout, so that it smells us and gets used to our smell. We will not attempt to touch it as this can be very invasive and set back the small advances we have already made. Always remember that changes are gradual, we cannot wait for instant positive reactions.

We can bring a toy and play ourselves to see if we can get his attention and out of curiosity, he gives in. The game acts as a distraction from their cat "worries " that are often responsible for stress. The game is very important. Especially if the cat is not yours, use a "fishing pole" type toy to prevent it from accidentally scratching you.

In felines that we already have a contact, not only visual, we can caress them, brush them and allow them to snuggle next to us if they wish. This will strengthen the bond between the two, both for the cat and its owner.

The vet can help

Despite not being very part of the use of tranquilizers, Less for this type of behavior than what they need is attention and love sometimes, they can help us. It is not necessary to go to the consultation with our cat as it can cause more stress, but it is necessary to contact our veterinarian to see what advice he can give us.

The Accepromazine it is usually the most commonly used, or prescribed, tranquilizer in the daily clinic. It is a depressant of the central nervous system that generates relaxation and indifference towards their environment. It also has a hypotensive action (lowering of blood pressure) that would be contraindicated in heart disease patients. Like all drugs, the doses must be prescribed by a veterinarian.

We have the healthiest options like Rescue Remedy (Bach flowers) that relieves both mental and physical stress. It can be given in the mouth, drink or rub a drop on the head of our feline.

In the Homeopathy We also have great allies but we must try to individualize our pet, so consultation with a specialist is advised. We leave you the benefits of homeopathy for animals.

The Reiki It usually helps to calm these states of nervousness, aided by relaxing music and, in cases of not being able to play it, we can also act at a distance.

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