All animalists against Chantada hunter

the cotton cloud joins the petition by PACMA against the Chantada hunter. We encourage you to sign.

We began the legal process to take the abuser of Chantada to jail, but also the political pressure to achieve the tougher penalties for animal abuse.

Last Saturday in Chantada, Lugo, a hunter shot his bitch, who had just given birth, and then gave him a brutal beating. Still alive dragged her across the floor.

The images were recorded by a person who almost heard the shot and stopped his car, chased the abuser and called the Civil Guard.

His performance has been decisive for the dog to have been transferred to a veterinary hospital, where he remains with his 6 puppies in quite serious condition.

Unfortunately, this case is one among thousands: many documented and denounced, many others that occurred in silence..

PACMA has mobilized to bring this abuser to court and try to get the maximum sentence. However, you could not go to prison, since the penalties for animal abuse are still ridiculous in our country and, unless you have a criminal record, you will not go to prison.

Therefore, we have launched a petition for signatures addressed to the future Government, which we will demand, as soon as it is formed, to modify the Penal Code according to the following criteria:

  • That it is considered a crime to mistreat all types of animals, including wild ones.
  • The crime of animal abuse typified in the Penal Code must be punished with penalties exceeding 2 years in prison..
  • Disqualification for the keeping of animals, profession, trade or trade that is related to them is established in a minimum of 20 years.
  • Elimination of article 337 of the Penal Code the requirement to cause "injuries that seriously impair your health".
  • That people convicted of crimes of animal abuse be disqualified from possessing a weapons permit and hunting license.

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