Everything you need to know about laser tattoo removal machines

More and more people decide to remove tattoos from their body, either because they do not want to continue wearing them or directly because their intention is to create new ones and for this they need to free up space. Regardless of the reasons for each one, it is important to know that technology has advanced a lot, offering greater security and better results, so we are going to explain everything you need to know about laser tattoo removal machines, which will give you greater peace of mind while solving your main doubts.

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  • Lifespan of laser machines
  • Remember to take into account the technical service

What are laser tattoo removal machines

Currently, removing a tattoo is a simple and fairly quick process, but above all reliable, and this is due on the one hand to the professionalization and knowledge of the expert who is in charge of the process, while on the other, laser machines to remove tattoos have become tools of great precision that guarantee an advanced process and with the maximum guarantees, thus achieving the best results and maximum safety.

The operation of this type of machine is very simple, since it is based on the admission of a beam of light at high temperatures and at a high speed that is projected directly onto the tattooed area of ​​the skin..

In this way, what this laser achieves is to decompose the tattoo ink pigments in very small particles, achieving that in this way they can be absorbed by the body itself, which will be responsible for eliminating them completely through the lymphatic system.

What is achieved with these laser tattoo removal machines is to prepare or change the state of the ink under the skin so that the body itself can eliminate it by itself.

These machines can be presented in different models, but it is very important that, when making a determination, you choose the one that is approved and offers adequate quality..

Price of a laser tattoo removal machine

Regarding the price of these devices, we can find a fairly wide fork, which ranges from simpler models that are called to carry out work occasionally at a cost of a few thousand euros, to others of intensive use, offering maximum performance. without diminishing its qualities throughout the day or throughout its useful life with a price that can exceed € 15,000.

It is very important in this regard to take into account the approval of the device, since there are some models that are not capable of achieving an effective removal of the entire tattoo, so the results are of very poor quality, leaving traces with which neither it ends with the tattoo nor does it maintain acceptable conditions of the same.

It is evident that an approved device will always be more expensive, but it will offer the guarantee of both safety and satisfaction when carrying out the work..

Before making a decision and opting for a specific device, it is important to take into account four aspects that are:

  • Make it a laser machine approved in the European Community.
  • Count on technical service in our country.
  • Study well the warranty of the device.
  • Check that if you need a replacement part, they are readily available.

It is also very interesting to take into account the opinions of other users who have used the device previously, since this helps to make a correct decision about which are the best laser tattoo removal machines.

Remember that in the event that you need the machine and you cannot make the investment at this time, there are manufacturers and even banks that can offer you the possibility of financing to pay little by little over a defined period of time..

In any case, it must be taken into account that it is a rather expensive device and that, except in particular cases, it requires a certain time for its amortization, but on the other hand it is a very useful service that is increasingly in demand. in the sector.

Training required to use the laser to remove tattoos

Keep in mind that the tattoo removal process is complicated and, above all, requires prior knowledge, as this is essential to ensure safe use..

We must learn to use the machine and to work on the skin effectively, which requires the realization of some professionalization courses essential before you start using it with clients.

These courses generally cover highly relevant topics such as knowledge about the skin, light theory, laser theory, types of tattoos, factors that influence the removal of tattoos, organization of work, organization of sessions, contraindications , precautions, care and treatments after the session, action against inflammatory reactions, medications, home treatment, etc..

Lifespan of laser machines

When we are going to make the investment in a laser machine, it is important that we take into account its useful life, that is, for how long we will be able to take advantage of it.

Here it is important to consider that this useful life will be determined above all by the use we make of the machine, since the one that we use every day and throughout the entire day will require spare parts and even their replacement within a period of time. less than what we install in a cabinet and use sporadically.

In order to get an idea, it is important to know this detail from the manufacturer, which generally will indicate the useful life of the machine based on the number of shots it allows, being usual to find autonomies of up to even in the most professional models 10 million shots.

But this does not mean that the device will work during all these shots without having to perform any maintenance, but that during all this time, the necessary parts must be changed, and we must not forget that correct maintenance is key to offer a long service life and with the maximum guarantee of efficiency.

Remember to take into account the technical service

The technical service of the machine is one of the most important aspects that we must take into account before its acquisition..

We must start from the basis that, although an approved machine offers a long and efficient useful life, with the passage of time we can find breakdowns or a malfunction that must be corrected in order to continue working..

In the same way, we are also going to find ourselves in the need to find spare parts that are specifically designed for each machine, which means that there are models for which it is easier and others for which it is more difficult to locate them..

This is possible as long as we have a professional technical service nearby that knows the device and has all the necessary resources to solve any incident, which provides great peace of mind and above all guarantees that problems will be resolved in the most efficient and quick way possible, thus avoiding having to change pending appointments.

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