"Pull and drag ", animal abuse subsidized with public money

In a sample more than overcoming human cruelty to animals, Today we are going to tell you about another traditional practice that takes place in some municipalities of the Valencian Community.

It is about the "sport " known as Shooting and Dragging, a competition that subjects horses to humiliating and violent treatment by their owners, in addition to the horrible conditions to which they are exposed by the practice of the race itself. Every horse must drag a cart loaded with bags -which can weigh more than 3,000 kilos- through a sand circuit, a surface that hinders mobility.

Lots of animals they are not even able to take a step, but their owners do not repair hitting, jerking and screaming, because everyone knows that violence is very efficient when motivation is needed, right?

Vimeo / PACMA

The Animalist Party PACMA has filed complaints with the Generalitat Valenciana and the Ministries of Education, Culture and Sports, documenting the mistreatment to which the animals are exposed. The most curious thing, however, is what the animalist spokesperson Raquel Aguilar affirms, and is that the current government of the Generalitat, made up of the supposed progressive parties PSOE, Podemos and Compromís, has subsidized the Shooting and Drag Federation this year with no less than 9,000 euros.

"It is shameful that a government that defines itself as progressive and sensitive to animal abuse continues to subsidize an obvious form of abuse towards horses, which shows once again that for animals everything remains the same despite political change ", he says Aguilar.

In addition to this complaint, PACMA has requested the suspension of all competitions that follow the presentation of the documentation submitted. Here you have a sample of the atrocities that are committed in the name of what some call sport.

Remember that you can sign the petition for the approval of the Zero Law, which seeks to increase the protection of animals in all those areas in which systematic abuse occurs.
Source: PACMA

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