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The dachshund or dachshund, also known as "hot dog", It is a very peculiar breed of dog due to its elongated body and short legs. Although there are several hypotheses about its origin, the most accepted at present is the one that proposes a German origin. This breed, which appeared more than 300 years ago, was used to hunt rabbits, badgers and other animals that hid in burrows, since they are very intelligent, resourceful dogs with a good sense of smell. In addition, the fact of having such short limbs and, therefore, a low stature, offers it the advantage of tracking better, since the muzzle is very close to the ground..

Although dachshunds have a similar morphology, they can be differentiated from each other based on their size, hair type and coloration. Thus, there are several types of dachshund or dachshund. If you want to know what they are, don't hesitate to read this AnimalWised article.

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  1. Types of dachshund according to their size
  2. Types of dachshund according to their hair
  3. Types of dachshund according to their coloration

Types of dachshund according to their size

These dogs are generally of small size, since it rarely exceeds 10 kilograms and 40 centimeters long. However, there are some differences between some dachshunds depending on their body weight and length..

Dachshund kaninchen

It is the smallest specimen of all, as it does not exceed 20 centimeters in body length or 4 kilograms in weight. It is also known as "Dachshund for rabbit hunting ", since formerly they were used for this activity taking advantage of their agility and dynamism.

Miniature or dwarf dachshund

This is something larger than the kaninchen dachshund, however, it is still very small, measuring no more than 30 centimeters. In addition, they usually weigh between 5 and 7 kilograms. Formerly they were used to hunt injured animals in the wild, such as some foxes.

Standard dachshund

It's the dachshund type largest known, since there have been cases in which it has exceeded 9 kilograms in weight, being able to weigh up to 14 kilograms or more. The length of his body reaches 40-50 centimeters and, in previous years, they were used to hunt larger animals, such as wild boars.

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Types of dachshund according to their hair

Depending on the length of the hair and its hardness, the dachshund also can be classified into three large groups: the wire-haired dachshund, the short-haired dachshund or the long-haired dachshund, as we will see below.

Wire-haired dachshund

This variety arose from the fact of hunting among bushes and plants with thorns, so this type of fur was developed to protection mode. They have two coats mixed together, the outer being rougher and denser, which gives the coat a tough appearance..

Long haired dachshund

It also features two layers of hair, the outermost being soft, shiny and long. However, in some parts of the body, this coat is longer. This is the case of the neck area, the lower area of ​​the tail, the ears and the posterior region of the extremities..

Short haired dachshund

It is characterized by having a fur close to the body, very soft, smooth and, at the same time, very strong. Some hypotheses support that these specimens were the first to appear, since most dachshunds had these characteristics in ancient times, the remaining two groups being very unusual.

Types of dachshund according to their coloration

There can be a great variety of shades in the coat of the dachshund, since on many occasions they occur combinations of reddish, yellowish, brown or black colors. However, these are some of the best known types that occur in the dachshund:

Unicolor dachshund

It is the simplest specimen, since its coat can vary from a yellowish tone to a dark red tone, with some darker hairs being found.

Bicolor dachshund

It is characterized by presenting a dark background with brown-black tones on which are some spots that can vary from yellowish colors to fiery red tones.

Brindle or harlequin dachshund

The background is usually a dark color, such as reddish brown or black. On this you can distinguish lighter spots with white, gray or beige tones usually. Even so, there are many varieties and combinations, with darker spots on other occasions..

Dry leaf dachshund

Its name is due to the fact that the color of its fur is reminiscent of a dry leaf, as it presents brown and black tones with degradations throughout the body.

Boar colored dachshund

This specimen, which it is usually hard-haired at the same time, it can present a grayish or black coloration, although sometimes they can be somewhat lighter. In this way, many dachshunds with a whitish, reddish or light brown hue are known..

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