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The pinscher is quite a popular and recognized dog around the world. But there is some confusion as to the types of pinscher that are recognized today. In this AnimalWised article, we are going to follow the classification proposed by the International Cynological Federation, which includes pinschers in group II and section 1.1.

Next, we explain the most outstanding characteristics of the types of pinscher collected in this section, which are the affenpinscher, the Doberman, the German pinscher, the miniature, the Austrian and the Danish and Swedish farm dog.

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  1. Affenpinscher
  2. Doberman
  3. German pinscher
  4. Miniature pinscher
  5. Austrian Pinscher
  6. Danish and Swedish farm dog


The Affenpinscher, without a doubt, is one of the most sympathetic types of pinscher thanks to its peculiar physical appearance. In fact, they are also called Monkey dog ​​or cute dog. It is a breed of German origin whose beginnings are set in the seventeenth century.

Affenpinscher's copies dealt with hunt vermin, but today they have become increasingly popular companion dogs. They have a life expectancy of between 14-15 years. They are very small, with a weight that does not exceed 3.5 kg and a height of less than 30 cm. They are excellent for living with children and are adapted to life in apartments. They prefer warm temperatures and don't need a lot of exercise. Despite their size, their alert nature makes them watchdogs. In return, they can be somewhat difficult to educate.


This imposing breed is of German origin, specifically, the Doberman is considered a direct descendant of German black and brown hounds. It's the kind of larger pinscher. The first specimens date from the 19th century and were intended for storage. Nowadays, we also meet them as companion dogs.

They have an average life expectancy of about 12 years. They are large, with a weight that stands between 30-40 kg and a height that ranges between 65-69 cm. They adapt to urban life and prefer hot climates. They do not require much care, thanks to their short coat, and they are good students for the obedience education. Of course, they can have coexistence problems with other dogs. They are found in the colors fawn, blue, brown and black.

German pinscher

This type of pinscher makes its country of origin clear from the name. It is considered the standard pinscher. Like other breeds in this group, the German Pinscher began life as vermin hunter already in the 18th century. Today it lives as a companion dog, also in urban environments where it has adapted to life in apartments..

It prefers warm climates and has a considerable level of activity, so it requires enough opportunities to exercise. It is a good guardian, but it may have coexistence problems with its canine fellows. Also, it can be difficult to train him in obedience..

Their life expectancy is around 12-14 years. It is medium in size, between 11-16 kg, with a height that ranges between 41-48 cm. His mantle is presented in the colors tawny, black and tan and dark brown.

Miniature pinscher

This type of pinscher is one of the smallest of the group. The miniature pinscher is also known by the name of zwergpinscher. Of German origin, its appearance is dated in the 18th century. At that time its function was the rat hunt. Nowadays, on the other hand, it has also adapted to urban life and is a companion dog in many homes, although it has not lost an iota of its character..

It has a life expectancy of about 13-14 years. Weighs between 4-5 kg and its height ranges between 25-30 cm. It prefers hot climates, in fact, it should not live permanently outside. He is a very obedient student and a good guard dog, always alert. His coat hardly requires care. We find it in the colors red, blue, chocolate and black.

Austrian Pinscher

As its name indicates, the origin of this type of pinscher is Austria. It is dated in the 18th century. His initial task was surveillance and vermin hunting. Today he is dedicated to the company. The Austrian pinscher has a life expectancy of 12-14 years. It is medium in size, weighing between 12-18 kg. His height is 36-51 cm.

They are good watchdogs, but they can be difficult to educate. They may also be unreceptive to other dogs. Its coat, which admits a variety of colors, is very easy to maintain. Has adapted to city life and shows a preference for temperate climates.

Danish and Swedish farm dog

This breed is almost certainly the most unknown of the types of pinscher categorized by the International Cynological Federation. Its name refers to its countries of origin, in which it emerged in the 18th century. They were dogs born with the goal of control livestock. But today we can find them as companion dogs, adapted even to urban life.

Of course, they are dogs that display a high energy level. They have to be able to exercise on a daily basis. They act like watchdogs, they withstand low temperatures and are good companions for the children of the house. Its coat, admitted in various colors, hardly requires care. Their life expectancy ranges from 12-13 years. They are medium in size, weighing between 12-14 kg and a height between 26-30 cm.

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