Types of shorthaired dogs

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The bracos are a group of dogs that are characterized by their great physical gifts, such as their energy and speed, which combined with their great sense of smell make them excellent hunting dogs. Of course, it is important to note that a great variety of breeds are included in this category, some of which we will discuss in detail in this AnimalWised article..

Experts differentiate between 11 officially recognized breeds of armored dogs and 2 sub-breeds, both of German origin. Keep reading and discover with us the characteristics of shorthaired dogs most popular and the names of the remaining breeds.

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  1. German pointer
  2. Weimaraner
  3. Italian shorthaired pointer
  4. French pointer
  5. Hungarian pointer
  6. Tyrolean Pointer
  7. Other breeds of armored dogs

German pointer

The German pointer is a dog that has habitually acted as a hunting dog, being versatile and very effective in these tasks. In this way, it takes care of tasks that include collecting or tracking parts. Its coat is brown and mottled and gives it the advantage of camouflaging itself among the trunks of trees and bushes, going unnoticed by potential prey..

They differ two subtypes of german pointer:

  • With short hair: born in 1800 and specializes in hunting birds and wild boar, he is intelligent, strong and extremely elegant.
  • Hard-haired: quieter, also a bird hunter, although later, since it arose at the end of the 19th century. It has much rougher hair than the German Shorthaired Pointer, its hair being of the wire type.


The weimaraner, also known as the Weimar pointer in honor of the Duchy of Weimar, is a dog that stands out for being extremely active, whose energy can be really overflowing. It is a very sociable dog that does not tolerate loneliness, therefore it is not suitable for anyone.

Its appearance is impressive, with a thin and elongated body and eyes that are always blue at birth and that turn amber at 3 months of age. Its large ears, which fall forward, and its fur, of an immaculate pearl gray, stand out. Without a doubt, it is one of the most popular pointer dogs for its extraordinary beauty, although, as we say, it is essential to take into account its level of energy and attention that it needs.

Italian shorthaired pointer

In the past, two types of Italian shorthaired dogs were recognized, one typical of the plains and the other of the great Italian mountains. However, in our day, both types have joined in the now renowned Italian pointer..

These show dogs have a very distinctive physique, with a white fur with spots or patches of light brown color, long legs, a fine tail, a square nose, large ears and a kind of darker halos surrounding the eyes and ears. On the whole, he is less stylized than the preceding Pointer Dogs, but just as handsome and loyal..

Unfortunately, in these dogs and in the previous ones it is common to find puppies with their tail docked. Therefore, it is important to highlight that this is a cruel practice, totally unnecessary and harms the animal. In this other article we explain why you should not cut the tail and ears of dogs.

French pointer

There are two varieties of French pointer, the typical one from the Pyrenees and the one originating from the Gascony region. Both share certain basic characteristics, including that they frequently have a spotted or patchy coat, are of medium size and have a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years..

The French pointer is also a very tough dog, which survives inclement weather and, despite the vicissitudes that arise, never fails to fulfill the tasks assigned to them. Is Faithful and loyal And as if this weren't enough, it's a love with children. In general, it is a very sociable dog and open in contact with others.

Hungarian pointer

In its native country of Hungary, the Hungarian Pointer is known by the name of vizla and is one of the most famous and popular coarse dogs in all of Eastern Europe. Although they started out standing out for their hunting skills, today they are also valued as a companion dog, given their good character and docility. What's more. it should be noted that they love water.

Like the rest of the types of arms, they are very energetic, requiring at least one hour of intense exercise daily. Its appearance is elegant, with an athletic body, long legs, like its tail, which is long and thin, a large square head with equally large ears that fall forward. All the Hungarian pointer specimens have the same coat, this being a uniform and short brown hair.

Tyrolean Pointer

Of Celtic descent, the Tyrolean pointer has served since its appearance as a hunting dog specialized in hunting and tracking animals such as hares or foxes. It comes from the Austrian Tyrol and is rare far from this region.

They are dogs of medium size, with large ears that are held slightly erect and lean forward. They have a thick coat with a two-layered structure, with a woolly undercoat and a dark upper one, which presents colorations such as red, tan or black, in addition to the possibility of presenting white spots.

Other breeds of armored dogs

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are a total of 11 breeds of armored dogs. In this article we have detailed the main characteristics of the most common and popular, however, it is worth mentioning that there are other breeds of braco-type dogs..

Among them, those of French origin stand out, among which are:

  • Bourbon Braco
  • Saint-Germain Braque
  • Auvergne pointer
  • Ariege Braco

Besides, there is the race of Slovak Wirehaired Pointer, which is not too frequent.

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