Types of Belgian Shepherd

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The Belgian Shepherd is a canine breed that has been used as a dog to care for flocks. However, its furry and friendly appearance has also made it a good companion animal, so knowing the different types of belgian shepherd it is essential if you are interested in adopting one of these specimens.

In this AnimalWised article, we will introduce you to the main characteristics of the different Belgian Shepherd classes. ¿You want to know what they are? ¡Then keep reading!

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  1. Characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd
  2. How many types of Belgian Shepherd are there?
  3. Belgian Shepherd Groenendael
  4. Belgian Shepherd Tervueren
  5. Belgian shepherd malinois
  6. Belgian Shepherd Laekenois
  7. White belgian shepherd

Characteristics of the Belgian Shepherd

The belgian shepherd dog It is originally from the country that gives it its name, where it was created between 1891 and 1897. As its name indicates, it is a breed that, in principle, was used for watch over and protect herds.

It is a dog characterized by presenting a medium to large body size, agile in appearance and somewhat stylized. Despite having muscles and showing strength in their work, this does not mean a heavy or solid physical structure. It has a haughty head with an elongated snout, with a black nose, thin lips and always alert triangular ears..

With respect to the mantle, the belgian shepherd hair it is abundant and woolly in texture, whether short, long or hard. It can appear in different shades, which represent one of the characteristics that distinguish the Belgian Shepherd classes..

Although the personality that the dog will develop is strongly influenced by the upbringing and education it receives, in general the breed is a great lover of physical activity and outdoor life, so it enjoys spending time in parks and life in the outdoors. field. In addition, it is characterized by being a dog safe and adventurous, highlighting a permanent state of alert.

These are the general characteristics of Belgian Sheepdogs, since this is the only breed that exists. Within the Belgian shepherd dog breed, there are different varieties that we will see below.

How many types of Belgian Shepherd are there?

We have already seen that the Belgian Sheepdog breed is one but, ¿How many types of Belgian Shepherd are there? Currently the breed presents four varieties with its peculiarities, all of them accepted by the different official organizations:

  • Belgian shepherd malinois
  • Belgian Shepherd Groenendael
  • Belgian Shepherd Tervueren
  • Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

1. Belgian Shepherd Groenendael

The Belgian Sheepdog Groenendael is often simply referred to as a Belgian Shepherd Dog. It is characterized by presenting a muscular but elegant body, with a high head that provides a feeling of elegance. Two pointed ears highlight her features, giving her a friendly appearance.

Among Belgian Shepherd breeds, the Groenendael boasts a double and dense coat, less abundant on the legs, but profuse on the tail and around the neck. As for the color of the coat, it appears only in a deep black tone and brilliant.

This variety stands out for its agile performance during physical activities and requires daily exercises to stay in shape. Also, agility is a good option for him..

2. Belgian Shepherd Tervueren

The Belgian shepherd dog tervueren is another of the types of Belgian shepherd that exist. It stands out for its muscular appearance with the same haughty head that characterizes the race. The coat is smooth, dense and long around the head and on the tail, while it is shortened on the back and extremities. Regarding the color, the tervueren presents a black mask around the eyes, which stands out against the reddish or brown background of the rest of its fur.

This variety also requires daily exercise and is a good candidate for agility. For this reason, it is a good companion for people who lead active lives and enjoy spending time outdoors..

3. Belgian Malinois

Among the Belgian Shepherd types, the Belgian Malinois has somewhat different characteristics than its companions. Among them, the most obvious is its short coat and without the bushy mane surrounding the head. The malinois also has a well defined mask around the eyes and muzzle, the black lines of which extend to the pointed ears. The rest of the fur is charcoal color, which means it has a lighter shade on the outside of the hair strand, darkening as it gets closer to the base.

The body of this variety is solid, with firm and well proportioned muscles. This dog loves to do search and trace activities, especially if they are carried out in the company of his human companion, to whom he usually professes great devotion. In addition, he loves to run, so outdoor activities in large areas of land are his favorites..

4. Belgian Shepherd Laekenois

The laekenois Belgian Shepherd is the fourth type of Belgian Sheepdog. At first glance, he does not look similar to his fellow breed, despite the fact that the body is also strong and muscular, albeit a bit more discreet. However, the mantle a could be classified as messy and is the main peculiarity of the laekenois. The fur, semi-long, is shaggy, hard and even a little curly on the cheeks. It does not present a defined mask, although some of the carbonated combination can be appreciated in some specimens, highlighting on the rest of the coat, reddish or yellow color.

This variety tend to be overweight, so it is necessary to offer him a quality diet according to his age, weight and physical activity. See the following article for more information: "¿How to avoid obesity in dogs? ". The laekenois loves to interact with human and canine companions, although it tends to show reserve towards strangers, a characteristic that makes it a good guard dog.

White belgian shepherd

There is no white Belgian Shepherd unless any of the above varieties suffer from albinism. What often happens is that many people confuse the white Swiss shepherd, believing that it is a specimen of a Belgian shepherd. They are different breeds and, therefore, we say that none of the Belgian shepherds accepts white in the shades of their coat. For more information about the Swiss Shepherd, do not hesitate to consult the breed file: "White Swiss Shepherd ".

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