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Riding is a sport in which rapport with your partner, that is, the horse, is essential. In the same way, before even riding a horse, it is essential to ensure the health of this noble and sensitive animal, since for him to also enjoy this activity it is simply unthinkable not to commit to taking care of him physically and emotionally.

Choosing a good saddle for your horse is necessary, as riding with an inappropriate saddle will seriously harm the health of your equid, causing an activity that should be pleasant for both of you to make it suffer. For this reason, in this AnimalWised article we want to introduce you to the ttypes of horse saddles so that you can choose the best one for your partner.

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  1. How to choose the best saddle for your horse?
  2. Mixed or general use saddle for horses
  3. Dressage saddle for horses
  4. Jumping saddle for horses
  5. Raid, walking and mountain saddle for horses
  6. Cowboy and cowgirl saddle for horses
  7. Other types of horse saddles

How to choose the best saddle for your horse?

Choosing the best saddle or saddle suitable for each rider / rider is very important, as it will affect your comfort during the riding session, as well as your safety. Likewise, riding a horse with an inappropriate saddle impairs its performance, as well as it can cause chafing, pain, contractures, muscle atrophies… Obviously, all this will cause the horse to have aggressive defensive reactions, since if it does not feel comfortable or feels pain, it will express its discomfort by bouncing, tripping, refusing to jump obstacles, kicking, etc..

Unfortunately, not understanding what the horse is trying to communicate and, much worse, scolding him for it will cause riding to be associated with a negative experience for him, developing rejection towards this activity and even towards the person who is going to ride it, a fact that it can also put the physical safety of the rider / rider at risk. To avoid this, we recommend that you consult the following article: "Language of horses ".

Finally, we must not forget either how the use of an inappropriate saddle will affect the physical health of the equid in the long term, causing irreversible injuries and physical malformations..

Therefore, when choosing the best saddle to ride your horse, you should not choose the one you like the most, but the choice will depend on various aspects:

  • Budget: Depending on the economic investment you plan to make to purchase the frame, the quality will vary. That is, you may consider a frame at a very low price and it seems like a bargain, but you should bear in mind that it will hardly last as long as one made with quality materials, as long as you take care of it properly (cleaning and greasing it with often if it is leather). To all this, for the physical safety of the rider and not to cause rubbing or injury to the horse, it is not at all advisable to extend the duration of the saddle, as well as other equestrian equipment. Thus, once they are worn, because they could break at the least opportune moment or not be suitable for the animal, it is better to replace them..
  • Frame type: As you will see below, not all mounts are suitable for the same type of activity (such as walking, jumping, dressage…). Each type has a specific design to be able to carry out a specific discipline.
  • Measurements: without a doubt, it is very important that you acquire the saddle that best suits your horse morphologically. A mount, no matter how good it may be, if it does not adapt well to the animal's back, it will cause pain and physical malformations over time, a fact that is clearly against its well-being. It is for this reason that, today, there is the possibility of asking for the help of equine professionals who are dedicated to creating custom-made saddles, known as "Saddle fitters ".

Mixed or general use saddle for horses

The mixed mount is one that can be used with different purposes. That is, it is not specialized for any specific discipline and is, therefore, practical and adaptable to different equestrian activities. It is characterized by having a deep seat with a slightly rounded skirt and usually without knee pads..

Its versatility has made it very popular for learning, since you can jump with this kind of mount (shortening the stirrups), making it ideal to start in this discipline. In turn, it can also be used by beginners and intermediate level dressage riders. Lastly, it can also be used for short-medium rides..

Dressage saddle for horses

The dressage saddle is used exclusively for the dressage training and competition. This is characterized by having a deeper seat and long, straight side skirts, allowing the rider to sit deep in the saddle, while being able to hold on firmly with the leg.

This saddle also allows the horse to have a freer shoulder and, therefore, to perform more elegant steps..

Image: equipassio.com

Jumping saddle for horses

The jumping saddle is specially designed to give the rider balance and safety when jumping. This type of saddle for horses is characterized by having a flatter seat than that of dressage, the low front stud so as not to obstruct and the side skirts designed so that the knees can be bent when executing the jump. Many jump saddles also have padded knee pads that make it easier to hold the leg and maintain position during suspension..

Raid, walking and mountain saddle for horses

This kind of horse saddle is perfect for travel great distances and especially for equestrian tourism, since they are wide and padded for the comfort of the rider. But at the same time, they distribute the weight well on the horse's back so that it is also comfortable for him..

Image: equipassio.com

Cowboy and cowgirl saddle for horses

There are several types of country saddles depending on the geographical area, for example the Australian, Portuguese or Camargue (France), since these types of saddles are commonly used for the Field work Y management of different types of livestock.

These saddles for horses arose from the need to spend long hours in field work, which is why they are much larger and wider for the comfort of the rider. This implies that the first cowboy saddles to be used were excessively heavy and uncomfortable for the horse, but today you can find saddles made with lightweight and flexible materials that do not harm the animal. In addition, depending on the type of frame, they can include double webbing, baticola, saddlebags, etc..

Within this group we distinguish the cowboy saddle, which, as its name indicates, is used for cattle..

Other types of horse saddles

The saddles for horses above are the most common, but there are also these others:

  • Racing mounts: the racing saddles are extremely light and flat, since the rider who gets on does not have to hold on to the horse's body, but to stay elevated in suspension above the saddle, with very short stirrups.
  • Mounts for equine therapy and adapted: there are different types of saddles adapted for riders with special needs who want to ride with maximum safety and comfort. Also, do not miss the Types of therapies with horses that can be performed.
  • Saddles for amazons: In the past, it was seen as obscene for women to ride because of the position they should adopt. It is for this reason that women's frames were created, which have to sit sideways, that is, with both legs to one side. However, currently both men and women can choose any of the horse saddles that exist.

Remember that the important thing when choosing a saddle for your horse is to take into account both the type of activity and the characteristics of the animal to guarantee their well-being and yours at all times..

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