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There is a historical reason why there are so many different types of Labradors today. The main reason why different varieties of Labradors begin to emerge is because of the search for working dogs or because of the preference for companion dogs. When speaking of working dogs, reference is being made to animals that perform various functions, such as herding, hunting or surveillance. In the case of the Labrador, its initial functions were to be a hunting and herding dog. In these cases, the most active specimens, predisposed to action and more alert were sought. Later, it began to be introduced into homes as a companion dog, seeking in this case more tranquility, affection and docility. In these dogs, what the breeders were looking for were lines as close as possible to the ideal standard of the Labrador, looking for a show dog, not an extremely active dog. Then, ¿How many types of Labradors are there? Existed two fundamental types of labrador: working, which are the American Labradors, and show / company, which are the English Labradors.

After giving all this information, it is vital to emphasize that this differentiation is not official, as there is only one recognized breed like a labrador retriever. For this reason, in this article we will talk about varieties of the breed that arise without departing from the official standard elaborated by the International Cynological Federation [1]. So, let's see the types of Labrador retrievers that exist due to the needs previously discussed..

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  1. American labrador
  2. English labrador
  3. Canadian Labrador

American labrador

The first thing that is usually thought when talking about an American Labrador is that the breed arises in America, but this is not the case. Although there are American and English labradors, the difference between them does not really depend on the country, but on the two types mentioned above, the working laborers and the show ones. Specifically, the Americans they are the working laborers and the English those for exhibition or intended to be pets.

The American Labrador is a dog much more athletic and stylish, with a more developed and powerful musculature than that of the English. It is, in addition, of finer and elongated extremities, like its snout, significantly longer than in the English Labrador.

Apart from appearance, this type of Labrador also changes in character, as the American is more active and energetic, needing to perform moderately intense physical exercise on a daily basis. They are focused on activity, as it has traditionally been bred to act as a hunting and working dog. Therefore, it is quite restless and this can make it difficult to train when it falls into the hands of an inexperienced trainer. If this is your case and you want to adopt this type of Labrador, don't miss our article in which we explain how to educate a Labrador.

English labrador

The English Labrador is the aforementioned Labrador for company or show, being quite different from the American despite sharing nationality of origin. These dogs are usually calmer, calmer and more familiar, preferring leisurely activities to intense sports, unlike American Labradors.

The English Labrador is the one that has most maintained the classic appearance of the breed, as it has been the one that has received the most work in terms of breeding to look as dictated by the official breed standard. On the other hand, it should be noted that it is a late maturing dog, but that when it grows it develops a fairly thick body, with an equally thick tail and relatively wide legs. These legs are also somewhat short and have a medium-small head with a muzzle of moderate length..

The character of the English Labrador is a delight, since it is a dog friendly and playful, who loves to give and receive affection. He is considered an excellent nanny dog ​​because he is passionate about children, whether they are human children or puppies of any animal. In addition, it tends to get along great with other dogs..

Canadian Labrador

Actually the Canadian Labrador is not a type of Lab itself today, that is, again, it is not different because it refers to a country. Of course, this time the name does have an important historical reference, and that is that the Labrador retriever breed comes from Canada, taking the name of the homonymous city of Labrador.

When speaking of a Canadian Lab, one speaks of a original labrador, that is to say, of the first specimens of the breed, those that were not selected for work or company, as happens with the English or American Labradors, differentiated according to the functions they traditionally perform. In the case of the Canadian Labrador, not being a variety altered by breeders, it is the pure version of the Labrador, so to speak. It is in this type of farmer where the essence of the farmers that emerged in the 16th century is kept most alive..

That is why today the Canadian Labrador does not exist as such, It refers to the breed of Labrador retriever recognized by the different institutions and existing 5 centuries ago, which has inevitably evolved generation after generation.

Finally, it should be noted that in all types of Labrador we can find the different colors accepted in the breed.

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