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In addition to taking walks with our dog in which we play, run, chase each other and throw ourselves on the grass with them, we can buy toys Increase the fun and break the routine. Likewise, it is very positive that he plays at home with some of these toys when we are absent to avoid anxiety or stress..

Therefore, in this AnimalWised article, we are going to know the types of toys for dogs that exist to know with which they can play alone, with which we should play with them and with which they can only play if we are observing.

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  1. Benefits of dog toys
  2. Shooting toys
  3. Search toys
  4. Intelligence toys
  5. Teether toys
  6. Food Dispensing Toys
  7. Choosing the perfect toy

Benefits of dog toys

The game It is a fundamental factor for the correct development of our dog and to keep it healthy and strong. Neglecting the fun of our dog can lead to the appearance of disorders such as anxiety, stress or even depression. In addition, we will get a listless, bored and, with all probability, sad dog..

Thus, toys provide multiple benefits to our dog that go beyond simple fun. For puppies they are a great relief and help them to bear the pain caused by the appearance of the teeth. They allow us to strengthen the bond with the adult dog, control the bites and develop their mind. And for the elderly dog ​​they are a great help to delay cognitive deterioration.

If our dog spends long hours alone at home, toys help us provide the entertainment and company you need in our absence. But, ¿which toy should we choose? You should know that there are different types of toys, each with a different function and characteristics, that we will have to choose, mainly, according to their age and size.

Shooting toys

When we talk about shooting toys we mean string style toys, where the dog pulls one end and we pull the other. As we are the rational being we have to play with caution, that is, shoot to a certain point, let him win sometimes and not at other times, as well as setting rules to the game to avoid damage. For example, if it bites beyond a point, we stop the game. These toys can also be played between two dogs, although we must be vigilant or close to avoid exceeding limits.

This type of dog toys are especially suitable for us to play with them and for us to create a major link with our dogs. With these toys we can practice "stay " commands and they also allow us to teach them that there are moments of play and moments when it is better to stop.

Search toys

These types of toys also allow us to reinforce the bond with our dog and begin to practice a more advanced training, since we must teach them so much to go get the toy how to bring it. Within this class of toys we differentiate two main types:

  • Balls: it is essential that we differentiate the search balls from the teethers. Thus, to teach our dog to bring the ball we will use balls made of soft or soft materials, so that when catching them on the fly or while running they do not hurt their teeth. They can be rubber, fabric, silicone or even tennis balls that are not overweight and manageable. If your dog tends to break toys or swallow them, this type is not the best option..
  • Flying discs: They must be made of rubber, as plastic is harmful to your teeth. Flying discs are a good hobby for both the dog and us. Of course, these discs are only for when we are with them, we cannot leave them to their free will with these toys because they can hurt themselves.

Intelligence toys

Intelligence toys increase our dog's ability to concentrate, keep him entertained at the same time streamline your mind and stimulate it. They allow you to carry out decisive tasks that help you learn to make decisions and improve creativity.

They are usually boards where there is a series of tiles that cover a reward, the dog has to remove the tiles until he discovers where his prize is. We must be present in these kinds of games, to make sure that he takes the chips without problems and that he does not get frustrated, it should be fun and not a problem. We will be present to advise you the first times until you get the hang of it and let's see that you do it alone without our help but in our presence. Remember that there are breeds more intelligent than others, so that you do not get nervous if you see that your dog has a harder time finding the reward.

Teether toys

Chew toys are usually made of high strength hard rubber, practically unbreakable. They are designed for the dog to play alone with them, discharge its energy and release serotonin to stay happy and, above all, calm. For all those dogs with a great desire to destroy all the furniture in the home, these types of toys are ideal. Being very difficult to break, they will never tire of playing with them.

They are also perfect for puppies for many reasons. Most importantly, they help us teach them to control biting, what they can and cannot bite, and to alleviate the pain they feel due to the development of their teeth. However, it is suitable for all ages and races.

We usually find these dumbbell toys, but more and more they are manufactured with different designs, such as ball, oval, etc..

Food Dispensing Toys

These toys are ideal for our dog play alone at home, without our presence. They are perfect for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety, are not used to spending time alone or are still puppies, because they keep them entertained and allow them to escape from the state of loneliness.

The most conducive to this practice are the food dispensing toys,Among which we can find different modalities like these:

  • Kong: the Kong in its origin is a toy in the shape of a snowman that inside can contain some type of special treat for dogs, croquettes or some food paste so that the dog moves it, turns it and bites it to get his prize out and so he amuses himself on. Also in summer we can put it in the refrigerator to keep it cool and even more pleasant. It is very easy to wash and we do not have to worry about leaving you alone with it. They are usually made of a highly resistant material to bites, so they are perfect for all kinds of dogs.
  • Kong bone: From the original Kong they have been made variants bone shaped, but the idea is the same, an object with one shape or another from which food comes out if you turn it, bite it and handle it.
  • Dispensing ball: pretends the same as the previous toys, although it is more recommended for short periods and not long absences at home, since our dog will get tired before this system. On the other hand it does not make noise and it is easy to wash.

Choosing the perfect toy

When selecting one or more toys for our dog, we must bear in mind several factors: purpose of the toy, age of the dog and size..

¿What do we want the toy for??

If we intend to provide our dog with a toy to replace our presence and keep it entertained while we are absent, as we have mentioned, the perfect toy is a food dispenser. While if what we want is to strengthen the bond with our dog, have fun with him and teach him new commands, shooting and search toys are ideal. Finally, we will go to the chew toys to treat behavior problems such as the destruction of furniture, or to provide the dog with entertainment while we do other tasks at home.

Puppy Toys

As we mentioned, the most recommended for puppies are chew toys. However, if our little dog is good at learning basic commands, we can provide him with search toys and start teaching him to fetch the ball..

Small Dog Toys

Keep in mind that the jaw of a small breed dog, such as a Chihuahua, is not the same as that of a large breed. Starting from this base, we will look for toys that adapt to it, that is, small ones. On the other hand, as small breeds tend to accumulate a large amount of tartar on their teeth, more than toys, the most appropriate thing for them is to acquire pressed bones so that they can gnaw them and reduce bacterial plaque..

Toys for medium and large dogs

We will also have to adapt the size of the toy to that of its teeth, to avoid that the large breed dog swallows a small toy or the medium breed cannot take one that is too large. Likewise, weight also matters. The toys made of hard rubber, very heavy, are ideal for large and giant breed dogs because they can handle them at will, play with them and have fun without breaking them.

Medium breed dogs but considered hunters, such as the beagle or the hound, although they are smaller in size, also have good teeth to bite. So we can provide them with somewhat heavier toys, always adapted to their size. On the other hand, for calmer medium dogs, it is better to opt for shooting or search toys.

The importance of understanding your dog

Although we must stick to looking for toys that adapt to the age and size of the dog, it is essential to understand its personality and behavior. Although our dog is a small breed, if we observe that it has a high need to bite, we must provide it with chewing toys. It is essential that we forget about the topics and give our dog the toy he needs.

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