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¿Are you passionate about ground hedgehogs? At AnimalWised we are great lovers of this small mammal with short spines and upturned nose. It is an independent and beautiful animal that undoubtedly has a unique and attractive appearance.

Next we will show you the different types of ground hedgehogs so you can know their physical appearance, where they are and some curiosities related to hedgehogs. Keep reading this article about the types of ground hedgehogs and be surprised by the erinaceus and everything related to these small mammals.

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1. European Hedgehog

The european hedgehog o Erinaceus europaeus lives in various European countries such as Italy, Spain, France or the United Kingdom, among others. It is also known as common hedgehog. It is usually between 20 and 30 centimeters long and all of it shows a characteristic blackish-brown appearance. It lives in wooded areas and can live up to 10 years.

2. Eastern dark hedgehog

The oriental dark hedgehog o Erinaceus concolor has a very similar appearance to the European hedgehog although it differs by a white spot on its chest. We can find it in the passage between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Unlike the European hedgehog, the dark oriental does not burrow, prefers to make grass nests.

3. Balkan Hedgehog

We found the balkan hedgehog or Ericaneus romumanicus throughout Eastern Europe, although its presence has spread to Russia, Ukraine or the Caucasus. It differs from the two previous species due to its jaw, somewhat different, although outwardly it reminds us of the common European hedgehog, it has a white chest.

4. Manchurria hedgehog or amur hedgehog

The Manchurian hedgehog, amur hedgehog or Erinaceus amurensis lives in Russia, Korea and China among others. It measures about 30 centimeters and its physical appearance is of light colors although somewhat brownish.

5. White-bellied hedgehog

The white-bellied hedgehog o Atelerix albiventris comes from sub-Saharan Africa and inhabits areas of the savanna and fields of crops of the populations. We can see a totally white body that highlights its dark head. It has very short legs and it is surprising that it only has four toes on hind legs.

6. Moorish hedgehog

Next on our list is the Moorish hedgehog or Atelerix algirus. It is smaller than the previous ones, reaching about 20 centimeters in length. It inhabits all of North Africa including Morocco and Algeria, although it currently remains in the wild along the Mediterranean coast that includes certain cities in Spain, such as Valencia or Catalonia. It is light colored and shows a bifurcation in the spikes of the ridge.

7. Somali Hedgehog

The Somali hedgehog o Atelerix sclateri is, indeed, endemic to Somalia and has a white belly while its legs are usually brown or black.

8. South African hedgehog

The south african hedgehog o Atelerix frontalis is a brownish hedgehog that lives in countries such as Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe among others. Although we highlight its black legs and its general brown tone, the South African hedgehog has a white stripe on forehead very distinctive.

9. Egyptian hedgehog or long-eared hedgehog

Next on the list is the egyptian hedgehog or long eared hedgehog, also known as Hemiechinus auritus. Although it actually lives in Egypt, we can find it in many areas of Asia where it has spread enormously. It stands out for its long ears and short spikes, a fact that makes it prefer to flee rather than roll up as a defense method. Is really fast.

10. Indian Long-eared Hedgehog

Although its name is very similar to the previous hedgehog, we can highlight that the Indian long-eared hedgehog o Hemiechinus collaris shows a very different appearance. It is relatively small and shows dark colors. As a curiosity we highlight that this hedgehog performs an incredible dance ritual to conquer the female during days.

Image: www.hedgehoglove.com

11. Gobi Hedgehog

The gobi hedgehog o Mesechinus dauuricus is a small lonely hedgehog living in Russia and northern Mongolia. It measures between 15 and 20 centimeters and is protected in those countries.

Image: Combinimal blog

12. Hug's Hedgehog

The next to parade is the hug hedgehog or Mesechinus hughi and is endemic to China.

13. Desert hedgehog or Ethiopian hedgehog

The desert hedgehog, ethiopian hedgehog o Paraechinus aethiopicus is a very difficult hedgehog to catch, since when it becomes a ball ejects its spikes in all directions. Their colors can vary between darker or lighter.

14. Indian Hedgehog

The indian hedgehog o Paraechinus micropus is native to India and Pakistan and shows a mask-like patch very similar to that of the boreal raccoon. It lives in high mountain areas where it has abundant water. It measures about 15 centimeters and is quite fast although not as fast as the eared hedgehog. We also observe that this hedgehog has a very varied diet that includes toads and frogs.

Image: www.indianaturewatch.com

15. Brandt's Hedgehog

The brandt hedgehog o Paraechinus hypomelas measures about 25 centimeters and shows large ears and a dark body. We can find you in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen. In case of threat, it tends to roll into a ball, although it also uses a attack "jumper " to surprise and ward off predators.

Image: www.leszoosdanslemonde.com

16. Bare-bellied hedgehog

The last hedgehog on the list is the bare bellied hedgehog or Paraechinus nudiventris, a species that was believed to be extinct for many years, until recently some specimens were found in India. There are very few images and information about the species.

Image: www.planet-mammiferes.org

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