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One of the world famous dog breeds is, without a doubt, the poodle or poodle. This canine breed has a long and regal history, as they were the companion dogs of the courtiers of Louis XVI in 18th century France. However, the breed does not refer to a single type of dog, since within it up to four different types of poodles or poodle are distinguished. These types have shared characteristics but differ in others. If you want to know more about the classification of poodles and the standards of each of the types, stay and read this AnimalWised article that we have prepared for you with the types of poodle, their names and characteristics.

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  1. How many types of poodles are there?
  2. Large poodle or standard poodle
  3. Medium poodle or medium poodle
  4. Toy poodle or mini poodle
  5. Toy poodle or toy poodle
  6. What type of poodle to adopt?

How many types of poodles are there?

After many skirmishes between the different cynological institutions around the world, a standard has been established for each of the poodle classes, distinguishing a total of 4 different varieties. This classification is based, fundamentally, on distinguishing each type based on its weight and size, that is, its height at the withers. In this way, we find the following types of poodle:

  • Standard or large poodles
  • Medium poodles
  • Toy poodles
  • Toy poodles

This classification is that of institutions such as the International Cynological Federation (FCI), however, others such as the American Kennel Club (AKC) only recognize three varieties: standard (which includes the large and medium), the mini or dwarf and the toy.

Characteristics of poodles or poodle

All poodles or poodles share a series of characteristics, as well as criteria included in their standard. One of them refers to the colors accepted, which in all classes are: black, white, brown, gray, orange fawn (apricot) and red fawn. Another of these criteria is the type of mantle, which presents a abundant hair in all varieties, woolly, curly or wavy texture. Likewise, all poodles are characterized by being physically proportionate dogs..

Next, we show the types of poodle and detail their particular characteristics.

1. Large poodle or standard poodle

This type of poodle is the original. It was the first to appear, its history being long and full of personalities, as there were many nobles and kings who longed for and valued it as a companion dog. Among them, the French kings Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette stand out as characters who highly valued this breed of dog..

A standard poodle has specific measurements, ranging from 45 centimeters to 60 cm high at the withers, comprising weights between 16 and 22 kilograms. There is a marked sexual dimorphism, since the males are notoriously larger and heavier than the females. Due to its large size compared to the other varieties, many are those who nickname this dog as a giant poodle.

The large poodle has a fairly long life, so its average life expectancy can exceed 16 years with relative ease, as long as it receives proper care..

As we say, this was the original variety, from which breeders began to work in order to obtain smaller and smaller specimens, originating the other three varieties..

2. Medium poodle or medium poodle

Medium poodles are slightly smaller than standard poodles, although according to classifications such as the AKC these two varieties would be merged into one. For this reason, there is usually a lot of confusion when talking about standard poodles, since while for some organizations this term refers to medium poodles, others understand it as referring to large ones. In any case, a medium poodle is one whose size is in the range of 35 to 45 cm in height at the withers and has a weight of between 7 and 12 kilograms.

Medium poodles are considered the second poodle variety to make its appearance, with the next variety developing from medium poodles.

3. Toy poodle or mini poodle

A mini or dwarf poodle, both terms being accepted when talking about this type of poodle, is somewhat smaller than a medium one. Of course, the size differences are much more pronounced compared to a large size. Their proportions and specific measurements are in the range of 4 to 7 kilograms of body weight and the 28-35 cm high at the withers. As we can see, there is a difference of almost 10 centimeters between this kind of poodle and the big one, something easily perceptible with the naked eye..

This is the variety with the longest life expectancy, as there are specimens that have practically exceeded twenty.

4. Toy poodle or toy poodle

Being one of the most famous and popular varieties, the toy poodle was the last variety of the breed to be created. The breeders had to work hard to produce poodles of such small proportions. In addition, to avoid the appearance of diseases related to its small size, such as complications and organic alterations due to dwarfism, several interventions by scientists specializing in genetics were necessary. Even so, despite having saved the most serious and deadly congenital diseases, certain alterations continue to occur in them that require greater intervention and thus achieve a completely healthy breed. Many of these pathologies are shared with the other varieties of poodle. To discover them, do not miss the following article: "Most common diseases in poodle dogs ".

This dog is really small, especially compared to the standard poodle, as it barely has 24-28 cm tall at the withers, reaching a maximum weight of 2.5 kilograms. This makes the differences between two specimens of the same breed incredible, although of a different variety, because between a toy poodle and a standard there is a minimum difference of almost 20 centimeters and more than 14 kilograms. Of course, although many people tend to call this variety poodle mini toy precisely due to its small size, the truth is that this term is incorrect. As we have already seen, the miniature poodle dog and the toy poodle are different types of poodle..

The average life expectancy of the toy poodle is slightly lower than that of the toy poodle, as it does not usually reach ages above 14-15 years.

What type of poodle to adopt?

Faced with so many possibilities, many ask this same question. Something to note is that, although there are usually noticeable differences in character when talking about different varieties of the same breed, this is not something that happens in the case of poodles. In this breed there are no differences in character or docility between some classes and others, the size being the only thing that changes when comparing the 4 classes with each other..

This means that, although we may think that a toy poodle will be very different from a large one, it is only true that the standard will be of a significantly higher size, but nothing more. Therefore, whether we choose one or another type of poodle to be part of our family will depend solely and exclusively on our personal preferences and the space we have. All of them they are just as sociable, affectionate, calm, intelligent and above all, incredibly sensitive and noble.

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