Types of bridles for horses

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Headbands for horses are a tool needed in case you have an equid under your care, either to be able to move with it or to provide it with the essential care it needs in complete safety.

Now if you doubt about what type of bridle for horse Before you need to know that there are many nods available in the market, since, as you will see in this AnimalWised article, in the equestrian world there are many activities to do with it, as well as different uses to give this object.

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  1. What is a horse bridle?
  2. Stable bridle for horses
  3. Horse knot bridle
  4. Horse bridle
  5. Bridle for riding without mouthpiece or bitless for horses
  6. Other types of bridles for horses

What is a horse bridle?

Starting at the beginning, you may be wondering what exactly a horse bridle is, since there are many synonyms or derivatives that are popularly used to refer to it. head accessory, as bridle or reins.

Actually, the term nod refers to the network of straps that wrap the head of the horse, being able to be of multiple materials depending on the quality and specific function that it must fulfill.

Be that as it may, mainly this element has a primary function: hold and steer the horse in different situations and, depending on that specific purpose, it will have a different design as we will see in the following points. This is also usually made up of the following parts:

  • Headboard: strap around the head behind the ears.
  • Browband: strap around the horse's forehead.
  • Noseband: strap that runs over the head above the nose.
  • Drowning: tape that supports the head from behind so that the bridle does not come off and runs along the neck below the jaw.
  • Cheek piece: side straps that hold the noseband and the bite, if any, from the headpiece.
  • Rein: long ribbons that connect the noseband or bit to the rider / rider's hand to guide the horse.
  • Snack and / or steak: most bridles for riding have this element that goes inside the horse's mouth, to steer and brake it.

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Stable bridle for horses

The stallion is the one designed for lead the horse by the hand through the branch, that is, the rope. This accessory is, without a doubt, essential to provide the necessary care for your horse, since it is by means of the bridle that you make sure that your animal is subject and safe against any unforeseen, especially if your horse is scared, a fact that can be dangerous for both him and you.

This kind of nap, therefore, fulfills multiple functions in your day-to-day with your partner, since it allows you to move him from one place to another easily, in addition to tie it up thanks to the branch, to be able to provide you with the care you need, such as brushing or cleaning your helmets, as well as to prepare you to go riding in complete safety.

This type of bridle is available in different materials (usually nylon), colors and sizes (generally, pony size, medium, large and extra-large), although they are usually adjustable for greater adaptability. In addition, it is attached to the horse's head through buckles, and to the branch through a hitch.

Finally, it is especially important that you know that not just any knot is used to tie your horse, since tying it with a common knot can be very dangerous in case it gets scared or an accident happens. For this reason, you must learn to perform quick release knots, which are easy to perform, they tighten if the horse stretches them and they are, as their name suggests, Feasy to undo with a jerk of the branch in case of any unforeseen.

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Horse knot bridle

This type of bridle fulfills practically the same function as that of the stable, but also, it is especially effective for to correct Y teach the horse to walk correctly on the rope, that is, without pushing, stepping on or overtaking the rider / rider.

This is thanks to the fact that it is composed of thin but strong ropes, which exert greater pressure in case the person uses force, but being completely imperceptible when it is not necessary to correct it, thus allowing the horse to indicate what to do with a slight tug when necessary, which is not possible through the nod that we have seen by not exerting such well-defined pressure.

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Horse bridle

The saddle or bridle is the one designed for all kinds of horse riding activities, existing within this group as much variety of models as existing disciplines within the equestrian world.

Mainly, this element consists of a leather strap set adapted to the head of the animal, which hold the bit and the reins, with which the horse will be guided once it is on the saddle.

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Bridle for riding without mouthpiece or bitless for horses

Although it is not entirely known, not all headbands designed for riding have a bite. And it is that there is also the possibility of acquiring bridles without mouths, which direct the horse without the need to exert force on the animal's mouth, a fact that, for obvious reasons, is a good option for well-tamed horses or for beginner riders who still do not know how to put the fillet to good use, which can cause damage to the horse.

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Other types of bridles for horses

Other bridles for horses would be the following:

  • Winding bridle: this type of bridle is designed for rope sessions with the horse, that is, to exercise and direct the horse from the ground. This kind of bridle may or may not have a bite, in addition to having different rings through which the rope will pass in order to control the posture of the animal during the exercise..
  • Cowgirl bridle: a bridle that has a flycatcher on the forehead, made up of vertical strips in order to scare away flies and thus protect the horse's eyes.
  • Embroidered bridle: similar to the models described above, this kind of bridle usually has decorative embroidery for the presentation of fairs or competitions.

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