Types of squirrels

If you have read our article on The squirrel as a pet, Perhaps you are interested in knowing the different types that exist before adopting a.

This rodent is present on 5 continents and for that reason we will find many species of squirrel. The different attributes and colors make them special and different but to make it easier to find the one that suits you best, we will show you the most common and sociable that some people usually have as pets. Here we show you the different types of squirrels.

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  1. The red squirrel
  2. The Listrada Squirrel
  3. The Korean squirrel
  4. Ridchardson the squirrel
  5. Recommendations before adopting a squirrel

The red squirrel

The Sciurus vulgaris (common squirrel) is better known as Red squirrel. It is widespread throughout the forests of Europe and usually measures between 20 and 30 centimeters at most with a weight of 18 and 36 grams. Its body is elongated and it has a long, very fluffy and bushy tail. The reddish fur is characteristic in this species as well as the tufts of hairs or brushes in the ears when winter comes.

As a curiosity we must know that this squirrel has exceptional eyesight and is capable of diving in the water.

They feed with all kinds of seeds, pine nuts, sprouts, buds, tubers, mushrooms, blackberries and can even eat some invertebrate in times of scarcity. They have very good mobility in their front legs and therefore hold and peel food with great ease. In our home we will feed it with specific food for squirrels or with food for guinea pigs or rodent that the expert can recommend..

The red squirrel in concrete does not hibernate, it remains active all year round. Even so, in times of abundance the squirrel collects food by storing it in its nest in case of snowfall or excessively cold days.

In captivity, the red squirrel is an animal sociable and friendly with its owners whom you will consider members of your family (although in nature it flees at the slightest noise or movement). She is instinctively curious, quick and agile. It requires daily attention and care and we must also provide it with exercise so that it does not suffer from stress.

The Red Squirrel is listed as a minor conservation status concern of the species, but we must know that his presence is disappearing of many of the forests it inhabits due to human encroachment on its natural environment. Of the 40 subspecies of red squirrel that existed, today only 23 remain (practically half). We advise vetoing the purchase of this adorable squirrel and favor the conservation of its environment so that it continues to exist and does not become a threatened species.

The Listrada Squirrel

Chipmunk it is what we have commonly observed in children's books and movies. The Thamias or striped squirrels are mainly from North America where they are called Chipmunk.

They have sharp skulls and small ears, short, soft light brown or reddish hair. They look themselves five blacklists separated by others of cream color. They measure between 14 and 19 centimeters and weigh about 100 or 120 grams.

Is a daytime squirrel, that usually climbs to look for food in the trees although it spends most of the day in the ground. They dig burrows in tree roots to a depth of a meter or so. They are usually shallow with a bedroom-chamber at the end, a toilet and a pantry.

Hibernate for a long time from October to April and the harsher the conditions it is in, the longer its lethargy will be. They only wake up to defecate or urinate. When you leave, you will start restocking food in your pantry. If we decide to adopt a Chipmunk squirrel we will notice that in cold weather they usually sleep more hours than in the hot months but it will not fully winter due to the heat of our home. To prepare her for this time of year in summer we will supply her with food so that she can fill her pantry herself. Waking them up at this time of year could cause disturbances and aggressiveness.

They live in small colonies made up of few individuals from the same family and each one has a well-defined territory, delimited by urine. In case of invasion, the chipmunk will not hesitate to attack to protect its possession.

The basic diet It is made up of nuts, seeds, roots, mushrooms, and insects. When we offer him food, we will observe that he introduces it into the inner bags (pockets) of the cheeks to transport it to his pantry. It will help with the legs to remove all the food and has a capacity of up to 100 grams.

We must be careful with practically all predators (mammals or birds) that will not hesitate to try to attack our squirrel. In the face of danger they emit loud shrieks to warn her community that she is fleeing to hide in alarm.

They are very clean and active squirrels that will spend much of the day grooming their fur. We must provide them with daily activity for their proper development.

The Korean squirrel

The Korean squirrel or Siberian squirrel lives in North Asia, central Russia, China, Korea and Japan. They are a species of the genus of the Támias, somewhat similar to the previous ones, the Listracted squirrels. It has spread throughout Europe due to specimens that have fled captivity. There are 5 white and dark stripes all over the back, it measures between 18 and 25 centimeters and weighs between 50 and 150 grams.

It is a kind of very clean squirrel. You will need regular cleaning of your cage where you must also have logs, nest and platform to move and jump. She is daytime, a good climber although she likes to stay on the ground.

In the wild, it has a burrow up to 1.5 meters deep arranged in storage, waste and nest chambers.. They live in colonies occupying a very large territory and in addition to marking their territory with urine, they also do it with glands that they have on their cheeks.

Usually they are lonely though they are grouped in pairs in the cold season. They eat bushes, mushrooms, berries and other small animals.

Its life expectancy is about 9 years and it is not usually very willing to be touched. Restless and distrustful, the Korean squirrel needs at least one hour a day to socialize with the owners and it is recommended that they exercise even more than other types of squirrel.

If we want to have more than one, we recommend having two castrated females and one male.

Ridchardson the squirrel

Ridchardson the squirrel It is extremely sociable and it is recommended that at least two specimens live together, for example a couple. Having just one will affect your mood and behavior. We must know her and understand the language she uses to tame her to some extent. They are brown in color and are often mistaken for prairie dogs. They measure between 25 and 30 centimeters, weighing between 450 and 1000 grams.

Remember that this type of squirrel tends to put food on their cheeks, don't worry if you see his empty plate.

They live up to 6 years and create very close relationships With the owners, she is considered in some households as one more member of the family due to her predisposition to interact. They will find out how far they can go with their owner and can bite the owner's hands or feet. Selling it or changing ownership would sadden and modify the behavior of this wonderful squirrel that could show aggressiveness.

They require a lot of attention and exercise, it is not recommended that they spend a lot of time in the cage locked up. They may have unexpected reactions. It is also important to know that they are ground squirrels and that they do not calculate distances well (and can be seriously injured).

The diet Richardson's Squirrel is based on feed, fresh diet, and hay. They really like lettuce, endive or lamb's lettuce as well as cucumber, pepper, melon, watermelon ... In their natural habitat they hibernate in cold weather and feed on the reserves they have kept until then..

Recommendations before adopting a squirrel

It is very important that we know that squirrels can transmit various diseases such as the Rage. It is for this reason that we always recommend acquiring exotic pets from specialized breeders that meet the appropriate requirements. We can also go to exotic pet rescue centers or specialized stores.

We will never go to individuals who we doubt have health certificates or CITES. Failure to do so can lead to acquiring a sick pet that causes us high medical expenses and health problems.

Finally it is also important to add that squirrels are found severely affected by the abuse of man in their natural environment, thus reducing their habitat and therefore their populations. This wild animal is not recommended as a pet, much less for the pet of children or the elderly. Many are those families who decide Leave your squirrel for lack of time, attitude or desperation. These poor homeless animals end up being grazed by other animals that feed on them due to their fragility in the wild..

A squirrel is a wild animal that it will need very specific care so that it does not suffer social, mental and physical problems, ask yourself if this is the animal that best suits you.

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