Tender reunion between an 88-year-old father and his son with Down syndrome

In the following video we can see the reunion of a father who is already 88 years old with his 53-year-old son after a week. This one has Down syndrome and although many still see it as a disease, it is not. A person with this ability to express their affection, with this illusion and this joy cannot be sick.

We cannot continue to stigmatize a condition just because it is not our condition. We must look at them and treat them, as people just like us, who have good days, regular days, and bad days. With your feelings, hopes, dreams and illusions; with your problems and your concerns. In the images you can see his great affective capacity.

An 88-year-old father is reunited with his 53-year-old son who has Down syndrome after spending a week apart for the first time. And some think it's a disease



- Tito (@ Tito9k9) September 1, 2018

If you want more information, you can access this article in which we talk about why Down syndrome is not a disease. Or in this, that we talk about its peculiarities.

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