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If every time you have to tidy up your house you put your hands on your head, surely it is because you do not have things as well organized as you should, so we advise you to take into account these recommendations with which we are going to go, room by room, looking for the best solutions to your problem, including the possibility of renting storage rooms to store everything that we are not going to use frequently.

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  • Sorting the dining room and / or living room
  • A clean and well organized kitchen
  • The bathrooms, the perfect place to relax
  • Tidying up your house means doing the same with the rooms
  • And if you have a garage, this is the perfect time to get rid of what you don't need.

Sorting the dining room and / or living room

There is nothing like coming home tired of daily obligations and sitting in our dining room or living room to relax and enjoy more fun activities such as reading, playing a game with the game console, watching TV, chatting with the family, etc..

But for this we must have a well-ordered environment, guaranteeing that we will have free space through which to move and carry out the activities that we want..

This means that it is not the most suitable place to store household junk, but we will ensure that only what we are going to need is found in the living room, which includes the leisure items like the video game, TV, a rug if there are kids at home, stereo, board games, etc..

That is, we have to be practical and also focus the furniture on what we really need, while everything else will go to its corresponding rooms or, better still, to a storage room, the perfect place for everything that has not been in a long time. we use and what we have at home collecting dust and spoiling.

We will also proceed with those furniture that we are not using really, since they will occupy a very valuable space that, from now on, you will have free for your benefit.

A clean and well organized kitchen

The kitchen is designed for cooking, which means that everything that is not related to food must be left out.

It is important that this space is very well organized and clean, since we are going to spend several hours a week, and accessibility in these cases is essential.

Many times we buy appliances that in the end we do not use, such as the fryer, a coffee maker when at home we do not have coffee, we buy a new microwave and also leave the old one, we change the blender and keep the old one because "it can still be used "


In the end, all this is nothing more than junk that is taking up space and that makes moving and working in the kitchen more uncomfortable, but we understand that you do not want to throw it away, because if it works, it is worth keeping it..

However, instead of leaving everything in the kitchen, the ideal would be to take it out and put it in the storage room, thus freeing up a lot of space.

And if we do not have a storage room in the building, nothing happens, since there is the possibility of renting one, and if we do it at a storage room rental company, better than better, since they offer us a comfortable and safe system to keep all our things safely for a price that is truly a gift, especially if we take into account that we are going to have much more space at home, and that everything we will have it better organized.

The bathrooms, the perfect place to relax

The bathroom is one of the most important places in the whole house, since it is where we shower, do our business, and ultimately the place where we spend time every day, and if we focus it well, it is also the ideal place. to be able to relax.

But yes, we can only achieve it if we have everything well stored and organized, so that when we need any type of product, item or object, we not only have it at hand, but it is also located in a place without tangles and not force us to remove all things.

For this, it will happen as in the kitchen, that is, everything that we are not using, it will be better stored in a storage room, thus avoiding that it occupies a very valuable space, since as a general rule, bathrooms and toilets have a fairly limited space.

Tidying up your house means doing the same with the rooms

The rooms are one of the rooms that we confuse the most, and it is that we often use them for much more than sleeping and resting.

This means that in the end we have everything in it, but most of it we do not even use it.

In fact, it is recommended that even if we have a television in the room, we do not keep it on while we sleep, as this can make it difficult to fall asleep.

The same happens with the video console, which is much better in the living room and within everyone's reach, offering the possibility of interacting with the whole family, which will strengthen ties.

The smallest of the house do have an excuse, especially with study material, as long as the house does not have one specific room for it, but remember that the books and notes from past years will be better in the storage room and will deteriorate less.

And if you have a garage, this is the perfect time to get rid of what you don't need.

We finish with the garage, and it is that, if it is a private space, it is quite frequent that we end up storing more things than necessary.

Take a look at all the tools and machinery, spare parts and articles in general that you have in stock, do you really need them all?

Perhaps it is the perfect time to clean, and everything that you do not use on a regular basis, keep it in a storage room, since that is how you will free up space, and when you need it, you will only have to pick it up and take advantage of it.

The truth is that, with a little time and with these tips that we give you, you will see that ordering your house is not something that complicated or that it requires so much time, and from now on you will be able to enjoy a pleasant environment, with the guarantee that all things will be at hand and safely.

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