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The fashion for nutritional supplements has gone beyond human nutrition and has also reached our companion animals, precisely as it is a phenomenon on the rise, it is important to have enough information to understand that they are not always necessary.

When we talk about nutritional supplements or natural supplements, we refer to products made from completely natural extracts, generally nutrients, but presented with a certain dose and in a capsule, tablet or syrup type format. However, we can also supplement our cat's diet with foods that we can find in our own home..

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1. Glucosamine for cats

Glucosamine is a substance made up of sugars and amino acids, It is found naturally in the cat's body, specifically its greatest presence occurs in the liquid present in the joints, which has the function of keeping them lubricated and of cushioning the impacts that they receive with the natural movement of the feline.

Glucosamine in turn is necessary to produce cartilage, a protein of great importance for the cat's joints, therefore, this natural supplement is indicated to maintain good joint health in our pet, its application being especially interesting and useful in cats with arthritis.

2. Brewer's yeast for cats

Brewer's yeast can be defined as an excellent natural multivitamin complex and vitamins are of great importance so that the cat's organism can carry out all the processes that allow it to enjoy good health.

In addition, it is also very rich in minerals and proteins, despite being a food of plant origin. At present we can find in the market specific beer yeast for cats and enriched with taurine, one of the most important amino acids for our cat due to its crucial functions.

Brewer's yeast would be indicated in those cases in which it is not possible to meet the nutritional requirements of the pet through the diet or in those pathological states where a good dose of micronutrients is necessary to strengthen the immune system and speed up recovery.

3. Fish oil for cats

It is obvious that this natural supplement for cats is one of the most used because its benefits of fish oil for cats are multiple, for example: stimulates the immune system, reduces inflammatory processes, improves fertility and protects the cardiovascular health of the cat.

All these therapeutic effects are due to the fact that fish oil is very rich in essential fatty acids Omega-3, Furthermore, they can only be obtained through diet, which makes them even more important..

In this case, the most recommended oil is salmon, not to be confused with cod liver oil, whose properties are no longer the same.

4. Taurine supplements for cats

Taurine is by far one of the essential amino acids most important for the cat since it directly favors the correct functioning of the heart muscle, vision, its digestive system and even its reproductive system.

Although there are a large number of taurine supplement capsules for cats on the market, the truth is that we also find this substance in the foods that are part of their diet such as chicken muscle, beef heart or eggs, among other foods rich in taurine.

5. Olive oil

There are many benefits of olive oil for cats, as long as we talk about the extra virgin variety. It is a powerful antioxidant, offers good monounsaturated fats, and is also an excellent remedy for treating constipation. It is considered one of the star foods when it comes to supplement the homemade diet from a cat and apart from providing Omega 3 is a good source of natural fats.

Other natural supplements for cats

In addition to the foods that we have mentioned, there are many others that will help your feline's diet to be completely complete and varied. Especially if you offer homemade recipes on a daily basis, it will be useful to know more products to incorporate them:

  • Coconut oil: this product is an excellent antioxidant and also provides Omega 3 to the body of our feline, accelerating its metabolism.
  • Liver: it is one of the star foods when it comes to offering an extra vitamin A to our cat, but we must be careful, if it is consumed in excess it can cause intoxication.
  • Garlic: Although in large quantities it can cause anemia of Heinz bodies, the truth is that in small quantities garlic is a natural dewormer for cats, as indicated in the publication of the article "Garlic: Friend or Foe? " from Dogs Naturally Magazine, April 2014. In addition, it is an excellent antibiotic, stimulates the immune system and protects the cardiovascular system.
  • Probiotics: these are supplements that contain live microorganisms and that help to generate a correct intestinal microbial balance, they are especially recommended in cats with diarrhea.

Use natural supplements for cats responsibly

A natural supplement can never be intended to replace an adequate diet, although this mistake is the one that is most committed, therefore, before resorting to a nutritional supplement it is essential that check your cat's diet to see how you can offer the nutrients that are most necessary through it.

When this is not possible with a sick cat or a cat that has lost its appetite, then natural supplements are recommended, and although they can be purchased without a prescription due to their completely natural nature, they will always be preferable. consult in advance with the vet.

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