Upload a photo of your abused dog and the internet joins in to teach him a lesson

The social pressure It is a very powerful weapon when it comes to ending abusive acts, whoever they come from. In us resides the strength to give importance to the cruel cases that occur every day, to impose sanctions commensurate with the abuse committed.

It seems that every time people are more aware of what the animal abuse, and is not willing to tolerate it. Although there are already many countries that have an animal protection law that sanctions this type of behavior as crimes, it is true that abusers go unpunished if there are no complaints, and it is that here it must be the neighbors, friends, etc., who do their bit, since the animals cannot do anything other than endure.

Sometimes it happens that the most disgusting gestures bring out the good intentions of many other people, until they achieve justice. That's what happened last November, when a woman named Katie Brown upload a photo to Facebook with your dog's muzzle closed with duct tapee, titled the entry: "This is what happens when you don't shut up !!! "

The photo soon circulated on the network, arousing anger among many people who saw the need for the authorities to do something about it. In just five days the photograph was shared more than 300,000 times, until people located the local police in South Daytona, Florida, where, according to Facebook, she was the responsible woman.

Not only did the people of the state go to war, the police have declared that have received messages, calls and e-mails from all over the world. The authorities immediately approached the case, declaring: “Rest assured that a full investigation will be carried out and appropriate measures will be taken. Once again, thank you for your outpouring of concern and sharing of information. "

Finally the police have clarified that Katie Brown has not lived in South Daytona for more than a year. The point has arrived where they have had to ask to stop calling and writing referring to this issue, since they had the crashed servers.

Days later it was discovered that the woman now resides in Connecticut, causing flooding of calls and messages were transferred to the Connecticut Animal Response Emergency Service.

Katie Brown even made a statement in the photo saying that she had only done it for a minute to get the dog to stop barking. Argument that, evidently, was not valid for any user.

Although there has been no firm resolution in this case, the immediate response of Internet users to a case of animal abuse of this nature has exceeded any expectations. Thanks to each and every one of them, the authorities have information and knowledge of the facts to take action, since the woman was arrested and is awaiting justice. We must not forget that it is us, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc.., those of us who can stop animal abuse by reporting it.

Source: Orlandosentinel

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  1. aida says

    02/24/2021 at 9:20 pm

    WHAT A GOOD REACTION FOOL AND BAD woman, I hope I don't have children


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