Your dog cannot walk, but this old man will not allow him to stay home alone

Many they think that getting older is a negative thing or that, once you reach a certain age, all you have to do is wait for death.

Unfortunately, there are not a few who see sadness in the elderly, those who turn away from them so as not to see what the future holds for them and those who have the idea that the elderly do nothing but remember, as if they had nothing new to live.

And they are wrong. Deeply wrong. Old age is one more stage of life; one that takes stock, yeah, as in many others; one in which you have to take care of your body, as in all the others; and one in which you must take care of your mind, more than ever.

Because old age makes us dependent sooner or later and being surrounded by people who value you and who understand you is essential to continue living and enjoying.

Therefore, those of us who have not yet reached that stage must become aware that we are also going to reach that moment And when we do, we won't want anyone to keep us like an old junk. We will want them to continue to take into account our concerns and that they help us to enrich ourselves and enjoy when we cannot do it alone.

This idea, based on the classic "treat others as you want them to treat you " or, in this case, "treat your elders as you want them to treat you in the future ", seems difficult assume by many who seem to believe that that moment will never come. This video is for all of them.

This is the simple lesson that an old man is going to give you that, even with its limitations, it shows a solidarity that only those who have seen themselves reflected in the difficulties of the other can boast. Look how you take care of your older dog who can no longer walk and take him out for a stroll in a stroller so that you continue to enjoy the world around you. We all deserve to be cared for like this, we all deserve that dedication, including animals.

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