Staffordshire bull terrier

There are many qualities that we can find to define a type of breed dog such as the Staffordshire bull terrier, We can mainly define them as formidable and fighting dogs with an indomitable courage, bravery, tenacity, audacity, and intelligence; a reliable animal for the human being and a special affection with children.

Knowing this last part, it is valid to ask ourselves, can this animal really be trusted around anyone, even more so can a child be trusted? A question of vital importance at the time of adopt or buy a dog of this breed. To answer it is necessary to first know all the information about the Staffordshire bull terrier.

This article seeks to provide that information, everything you need to know about Staffordshire bull terrier from its origin, essential characteristics, character, care, diet, pregnancy, health, how is this breed compared to others and with this how to help answer the previous question.

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  • Staffordshire bull terrier pregnancy and delivery
  • Staffordshire bull terrier health problems
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  • What to know before adopting a Staffordshire bull terrier?
  • The Staffordshire bull terrier and the pit bull
  • The Staffordshire bull terrier and the American Bully
  • Crossbreeds and similar breeds
    • The American Pit Bull Terrier
    • Bull terrier
    • Miniature bull terrier

Origin of the Staffordshire bull terrier

The origin of the Staffordshire bull terrier It occurs in Europe, the United Kingdom, more than two centuries ago, as the result of the mixture obtained between an English bulldog and a terrier of that time. It is considered that the appearance of this breed has changed a lot until now during this period, however its physical and emotional characteristics remain the same.

The crossing of these races for the creation of the Staffordshire bull terrier It is mainly given for the purposes of games, leisure and profits for the English of the seventeenth century, at this time what we know today as dog fighting was common, the objective was to obtain an animal with the power, resistance and tenacity of an English bulldog, as well as the vigor of a terrier.

In addition to the fights, there were the so-called "sports " where they were used for the first time, the game consisted of prodding the dogs in front of bulls and bears that were tied. As this practice is prohibited, fights arise in pits full of rats, it consisted of evaluating what dog killed more rats in a minute, said dog was the winner.

It should be noted that in Staffordshire All this occurs in order to obtain fun from the miners, as well as a source of extra money, since at this time there was extreme poverty in that region, in terms of hunting they were used very little for that task.

Fortunately for the dogs the prohibition of almost all these practices came, being of great influence for these animals and the behavior that we know of them today. There is still evidence of what this "sport " was in cities like Birmingham and Black Country.

The breeding and coexistence of Staffordshire bull terrier in a more familiar environment made them develop a cordial relationship with humans, since it was essential that they dogs were friendly and loving to the people around them as well as the fact that they did not pose any danger to family members.

It is important and pleasant to mention that currently a Staffordshire bull terrier went from being a dog fighting a show dog who participates in dog shows where he stands out for his agility, obedience or his incredible characteristics that will be described below.

Physical characteristics of the Staffordshire bull terrier

As mentioned above it is a dog with unsurpassed toughness and courage, but also formidable, muscular and athletic. Which leads me to describe their appearance and physical features. They are generally medium in size, however they have great physical strength in terms of their size..

The head of a Staffordshire bull terrier It can be described as short, its skull has a deep and wide region that combined with its short and muscular neck makes it inspire fear and carry a security in its posture..

The eyes of a Staffordshire bull terrier They are characterized by being of a dark tone, mostly the breed handles a standard in tune with the color of the coat, in terms of their size it can be said that they are medium and round with the contour of the eyelids somewhat dark, and the the way they stand make them look straight ahead.

On the other hand, their ears have the shape of a rose, rather semi-erect, which are not usually very large or small. The nose is characterized by being black without exception and has a short muzzle.

They also have the characteristic of having a mouth with glued lips and very pronounced cheeks, which are mainly due to the chewing muscles, both a strong and large jaw and teeth, from which I can limit that their upper teeth coincide exactly with the lower ones.,

The body of a Staffordshire bull terrier has a compact, wide, deep and muscular chest, with a level line at the top, its ribs are usually arched and its lumbar region is short.

Other of the Physical characteristics of the Staffordshire bull terrier The ones that can be mentioned are with respect to its fur, which is usually short and close to the body, among the colors it may have is red, black, fawn, or white or a combination of these colors with this.

It's tail on the other hand, it is medium in size, thick at the base and tapers towards the tip, the dog usually wears it low, without stooping and the color is usually in tune with the rest of the dog's body.

Average weight of a Staffordshire bull terrier when it comes to a male it is between 12.5kg and 17kg, and females between 10.8kg and 15.4kg. While his stature in general is expected between 35.5kg and 40.5kg, always with respect to the weight ratio. A dog of this breed is expected to live between approximately 12 and 14 years of age..

The limbs of a Staffordshire bull terrier they are divided into anterior and inner limbs. In this first category are the front limbs, legs, placed quite apart from each other. As for his men, they are bent and his elbows do not show any loosening..

Among the second category extremities or hind limbs are the small angled knees and feet, which must be formed by medium foot pads and with black nails, present only in specimens that have a single tone in their body..

Character of the Staffordshire bull terrier

At first it is defined as Staffordshire bull terrier as trustworthy for the human being and with a special affection towards children and a question is left, but another question that is valid to ask about their characteristics and how it influences their behavior is Are all the Staffordshire bull terrier a dog kind, docile and loving?

This is where our influence becomes significant, how the human being influences as a factor in the behavior of a dog. By nature a Staffordshire bull terrier born with a vital, fun, energetic, outgoing, affectionate and attractive character, a dog with intelligence and participatory loyalty at its core.

The Staffordshire bull terrier They are dogs that show great trust to their owners, showing adoration and blind affection towards them, they seek company, be participative and upright with all members of the family while they enjoy and play.

For the Staffordshire bull terrier it is important to be and receive company with its owner. Although, even with all the aforementioned to their physical qualities, they are sensitive dogs, it is not okay to mistreat, reject, or punish them much less, they will feel comfortable in a friendly, playful and calm environment.

Something that could be pointed out as a problem is the fact that these dogs do not usually get along with other dogs, they have a fighting instinct against other dogs and perhaps it is due to their characteristic of being territorial with their owners or because of their history in the pits or fighting rings.

When these dogs were used in fights, His attitude towards other dogs was aggressive and is something that is maintained, but not towards his master, since this was the one who treated his wounds. Consequently, it is very important to point out that this is where our action mainly influences.

Since, on us humans as owners will depend the education and training that is given to the dog. A Staffordshire bull terrier It must be raised from a puppy in a calm and firm way. Teach him to socialize with other dogs, keep them active and constantly active to control the energy they may have.

Among the qualities of a Staffordshire bull terrier Well trained is a trustworthy, friendly character (as in most dogs), absolute reliability, incredible intelligence, great problem solving, sense of reason, tenacity and patience in any situation, even in stressful cases.

There is no ideal environment for these dogs, depending on where they are born and raised, they will adapt. They can be small places such as an apartment or a plain with large fields, the vital and advisable thing is to have physical activity, that can release energy and always take care of them..

Now, after describing the character of a Staffordshire bull terrier before its owner, who could well be any human being. We can point out that the trust that this dog shows before its owner and the instinct of protection, regardless of age, also shows it before any child, indeed, it is intensified with children.

So when the question arises of Can this animal actually be trusted around anyone, even more so can a child be trusted? I could well answer that yes, indeed you can have enough confidence to approach and bring a child to a Staffordshire bull terrier based on what we already know regarding these dogs.

Which brings me to our second question, are all Staffordshire bull terrier a kind, docile and affectionate dog? For the most part, yes, it is in their nature to be that way and it is in us, in their owners, to raise them that way. Without ruling out that, although it is unlikely, the exception can be given and an aggressive, moody and ruthless dog can be found.

Does the Staffordshire bull terrier PPP?

If he Staffordshire bull terrier Yes, it is PPP, that is, it is a potentially dangerous dog, this is because it is mainly on a list of potentially dangerous dog breeds established in Spain, where only 8 appear and it is the most reliable in the world. Therefore, you must be of legal age and have a license to own some of these dogs..

Currently, according to statistics carried out in Spain, Staffordshire bull terrier they correspond to 0.03% of the dogs registered in that country. And the attacks by this breed of dog worldwide is 0.012%, that is, 5 out of every 39,000.

Another reason why countries like Argentina do not consider it PPP, is because of the information provided by a study carried out in England, at the University of Southampton to be specific, which point to the breed of dogs Staffordshire bull terrier as one of the 10 best dog breeds to live with, especially with children.

Which in part contradicts the list PPP from Spain, it is a factor that Argentina and England are not considering, the love and devotion towards the owner can become so great that the dog attacks another person for just being playing or joking with its owner, the Staffordshire bull terrier maybe not see the situation as it is and just react.

He's on that list primarily because of his bite, weight, physique, and when his kindness works against him. Even knowing this information I maintain the idea that a dog is influenced by its education and upbringing, as long as they are well trained they will not represent a danger to people, regardless of the breed.

Caring for a Staffordshire bull terrier

If you want to have a dog of this breed, in addition to knowing how to educate and train it, it is also very important to know the caring for a Staffordshire bull terrier, from the most basic things as you are will be of influence in their upbringing. Educating them from puppies is the best care that can be offered to them.

As I mentioned above a Staffordshire bull terrier Whether you live in an apartment or a field, you need a space to exercise, which you can do through games and walks. It is necessary to emphasize the use of collars and leashes, due to their attitude towards other dogs and to maintain their safety.

His state of kindness can lead him to damage some things in the home, for which it is necessary to maintain extreme care and attention with the objects that he cares about, it is recommended that they be assigned in advance what their respective spaces will be and with what they can play with absolute freedom. The preferred sleeping space, spacious, fresh and clean.

The fact that it has a smooth and short coat does not make the caring for a Staffordshire bull terrier are minor, since time must be spent on brush the fur (something they love and it is simple), remove dead hair, bathe them every six or nine weeks at least. Care must be taken with the products that are applied to it.

Any shampoo can be used to dogs. It is advisable to visit a veterinarian and that it is he who indicates which products to use in case of noticing any reaction to a product, as well as to carry out a medical check-up every so often.

Another thing regarding their care is the place where they relieve themselves, the ideal would be for it to be a fixed place, something that we know is unlikely, therefore it is important to be aware of where they do their business and clean, maintaining an environment clean and neat.

Diet and feeding of a Staffordshire bull terrier

Regarding the nutrients required by a Staffordshire bull terrier, since they are puppies they need calcium, vitamins, minerals to grow healthy and strong. It is important to note that excess food is not healthy, so as the one who eats is important, so is the amount.

This breed is characterized with potential in terms of muscles and physique, so it is of vital interest to know what foods to consume and how much. The ideal for these dogs is a minimum of 250gm of dry food and a maximum of 350g per day. The size, metabolism and physical activity are also variables that must be considered.

We have two options when feeding a Staffordshire bull terrier or another dog, the first is with industrial (or processed) foods, among which is the commercial doggie. Or the other option, natural foods, such as meats, vegetables, flour, fish (which provide OMEGA 3).

To conclude this part, it is essential to mention that it is a breed that generally drinks large amounts of water, and it must be provided daily. Keeping food and water in a specific space is recommended, since it will get used to looking there when you are hungry or thirsty.

Staffordshire bull terrier pregnancy and delivery

The main thing to think about playing this race is to know the state of health of the mother, later I will mention some of the diseases that affect the Staffordshire bull terrier, It is recommended that the mother does not have any of these.

Another important factor is mating, he mounts her. The ideal is to have the best male, to find that the genetics of both dogs are good and that if one of them has a defect, the other does not have it..

Having a family veterinarian is the best, to keep track of the pregnancy and delivery. The main thing is to notice when the female has become pregnant and thus start a more strict diet than the one already mentioned. As well as establishing a comfortable place for her to rest and where delivery can occur, most likely.

The mother should be kept as comfortable as possible since she could become impatient, nervous and excitable, see that she feeds well, and carry out a thorough check with the veterinarian. It must be prepared to apply with the puppies that are born the same caring for a Staffordshire bull terrier already mentioned and some additional.

Among these additional ones is the care that must be taken so that the mother does not lose the puppies, does not squash them when they are newborn, do not drown while the mother feeds them and the space they have to move, as long as they do not run the danger of running away or getting hurt.

Staffordshire bull terrier health problems

They are characterized by being a very healthy breed, being very resistant to disease. However, for various means or reasons these are not saved from contracting some disease, it has been shown that they are mainly congenital.

Between the health problems Staffordshire bull terrier we find bilateral or juvenile cataracts, which will cause a cloudiness in the eye and without care can cause blindness, these are characterized by being hereditary, cleft palate, cleft lip.

Regarding the health problems Staffordshire bull terrier I can mention those of the skin such as dermatitis, scabies. In the joints, ligaments and muscles, which usually occur because of their size. Kidney and urinary stones that mainly affect the kidneys and bladder.

Another problem of a Staffordshire bull terrier it can be in terms of its growth and development, this can be of rapid bone growth and slow muscle development, or vice versa.

Staffordshire bull terrier physical exercise

As I have already mentioned a couple of times, exercise is of vital importance for this breed, since by its nature and strong and robust instinct it deserves it. The Staffordshire bull terrier physical exercise must be constant and followed, it is recommended that it be daily.

There are many ways to exercise this race, through walks, jogs, runs, games, as well as special sports (agility would be a good recommendation), ball games, walks, excursions.

It should be noted that the exercise of the mind is also important, since it is a very intelligent species. Games that mix physical activities with coordination and problem solving are preferred. Among them, look for the ball, jump a wall, go through a hoop, sit, turn, among others..

The different diseases that they can present influence the physical performance that children can have. Staffordshire bull terrier, since despite their strength characteristics they have weak points, to avoid these diseases it would be useful to know which exercises would be helpful depending on their age.

0-3 months:

From birth to three months you should not impose anything on the puppy, you have to let it be without intervening, so that by itself it can develop and stimulate its body and be able to see at what rate it works.

3-6 months:

During these months it is when you begin to intervene in its development, you can start by playing games, such as throwing a ball, first at a short distance and given its evolution further and further, taking short walks and ensuring its movement.

6-12 months:

In these months the time and intensity of the walks is increased, they can become small trots, the games can last longer and even be with other dogs, as long as the dogs are not degraded.

12-18 months:

In these months the walks and jogs can be longer, the games can be long distance and begin to be strength. Swimming is recommended, but not required.

18-24 months:

In these months the races and runs can be more followed. Throws of objects can be with a long distance and games of force can be performed more frequently.

24 months and older:

After 24 months and onwards, any type of physical exercise can be carried out, depending on the state of the dog's health. In case of suffering from any disease, it is determined with the veterinarian what activity he can carry out, if not the frequent.

What to know before adopting a Staffordshire bull terrier?

The information I have already provided throughout the article serves as the basis for answering this question. If you still have doubts, it is good to look for information in other sources, or contact a professional personally..

The main thing is to know if the dog is recommended before adopting it, and for my part I say yes, the Staffordshire bull terrier is an animal to adopt and domesticate as mascot. As long as you are aware of the risks and advantages you run.

But in addition to this, the legal situation of the species must be known depending on the region, to see if the requirements are met. In the case of Staffordshire bull terrier, We know that in Spain it is PPP and what are the conditions to own a dog of this breed.

The puppy have any disease? It is necessary to know this information and then know what care to take, in case a dog with any condition is accepted. In case of talking about another dog your pertinent information should be sought in advance.

The main doubts have been answered throughout the article and this should be enough information to know whether to adopt a Staffordshire bull terrier it is what you want. As it should also be enough information to know that it is not the breed of dog that you want to adopt.

The Staffordshire bull terrier and the pit bull

Both are formidable animals, muscular and strong in build. Their difference lies in their attitude towards humans, since the Staffordshire bull terrier tend to be more affectionate, even knowing their violent past, and Pit bull They tend to be more violent and disturbing, although just as trainable and with the same craving for affection and attention from their owner.

The Staffordshire bull terrier and the American Bully

Both breeds are very intelligent When it comes to solving problems, their loyalty and obedience is magnificent before the owner and other people who treat them with kindness. Their differences lie fundamentally in temperament, and in terms of stature, since the American bully is usually smaller than the Staffordshire bull terrier.

Crossbreeds and similar breeds

What if a Staffordshire bull terrier does not finish convincing how a domestic dog? What if you cannot purchase a Staffordshire bull terrier? Can you find another animal with similar genetics? They are the questions that arise when the race is worshiped but nothing or almost nothing is known about it.

As I have previously pointed out the Staffordshire bull terrier arises as a cross between two species, for that reason it is possible to meet other crosses and similar breeds that involve this species. Among them I can mention:

The American Pit Bull Terrier

Known mainly as the pit bull, is characterized as a dangerous animal, but like his first cousin the Staffordshire bull terrier It is domestic and gentle with children, it is not a breed for all tastes and requires the same care and attention of any dog.

Bull terrier

In addition to its characteristic head shape (with triangular and pointed ears), it has an obedient and affectionate temperament, from time to time it can become stubborn, it is not usually very intelligent, but it does tend to eat too much. It would be a good option for someone who lives alone and is looking for company.

Miniature bull terrier

Compared to the previous breed and the Staffordshire bull terrier, the Miniature bull terrier It is a smaller dog very aesthetically attractive, it is good for small places such as apartments and very crowded houses. Your education is more appropriate, and gets along very well with people, both adults and children.

Summary Article Name Staffordshire bull terrier Description There are many qualities that we can find to define a breed of dog such as the Staffordshire bull terrier, find out in this article. Author Natalia

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