Surprising and rare photographs of sleeping sperm whales

The curious behavior of sperm whales when they are sleeping was discovered in 2008, when a group of scientists documented how these cetaceans suddenly stop and adopt a vertical position in a synchronized way.

A really curious behavior that the underwater photographer Franco Banfi has now managed to document in this series of spectacular photographs of sperm whales resting.

Bored pandaBored panda

The images are of spectacular beauty and convey the dizzying sensation that the photographer himself must have felt when he was able to move between these colossi while they adopted their vertical position..

Bored pandaBored panda

These "naps" that allow you to rest last between 6 and 24 minutes. The sea is not a place to relax longer and be at the mercy of other predatory creatures.

Bored panda

The images of the divers next to the sperm whales allow us to get an idea of ​​their gigantic scale. They can be 12 meters long and weigh 57 tons..

Bored pandaBored panda

In the following video you can learn a little more about these animals. Do not miss it!

Source: Bored Panda

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